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Publications from the
Foundation for the Awakening Mind

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Foundation for the Awakening Mind

Written Publications

Mind Overhaul (Intermediate) David
Movie Watcher's Guide To Enlightenment (For EveryOne) David
Only One Mind (Intermediate) David
Purpose Is The Only Choice (Advanced) David
Tabula Rasa (Introductory) David
Glimpse of Grace (Love Letters of true Love) David


Awakening Through A Course In Miracles (Steps from basic to advanced teachings, a treasure) David
Healing In Mind (An outpouring of sincere questions and Spirit's Empowering Answers) David


Parenting & Spirituality (Partly translated into Swedish by Jenny) David

David in Port Townsend, WA   (2 DVD set) David
David & Resta on Cable TV Show: The Extra Mile  DVD David & Resta
Fullerton Daytime Gathering: DVD David
Living A Course in Miracles, 5+ Hour DVD with David (incls The Real Word & The Complete Invitation) David
Real World DVD David
The Sinlessness Within DVD David
Special & Holy Relationship: David & Kirsten in Venezuela (DVD) David & Kirsten

CD sets

Blue Mountains Enlightenment Retreat (5 CD set) (David, Kirsten & Isira)
Best of David Hoffmeister (2 parts, Compilation box 3 audio CDs, 1 DVD, 1 music CD)

Audio CDs based on A Course in Miracles

All About the Dream: How it started, why we are still dreaming & how to stop dreaming (2 CDs) Regina
Aspects of Personhood (1 CD) (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Be Lifted Up: Gathering in Georgia (2 CDs) David
Better Off if I were Wrong (4 CDs)  (Intermediate) (Teachers Series) David
Beyond All Idols (1 CD)   (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Beyond the "Yuck" (3 CDs)   (Teachers Series) David
Clearing Away the Darkened Glass: Gathering in Purpose in Indiana (3 CDs) (Re-released) David
Concern For The Body (1 CD)   (Teachers Series) David
Conversatorio con: David Hoffmeister (1 CD) (Introductory, Spanish & English) David & Victor
David's Movie Gatherings in Cali, Colombia (2 CDs) David
Getting Clear: Sharing Words of Clarity from the Holy Spirit (2 CDs) Regina
God Asks No Sacrifice (2 CDs)   (Teachers Series) David
Going Deeper   (6 CDs)   (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Good-Bye Body, Boxes, Linearity (3 CDs)   (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Laying Aside Judgment (10 CDs)   (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Let's Talk About Fear: Discussions with the Holy Spirit about Fear (2 CDs) Regina
No Control Over The World / The Serenity Prayer (1 CD)   (Teachers Series) David
Releasing the Past Through Discernment: Discussions from a Gathering in Florida (2 CDs) David
Reversing Cause & Effect (6 CDs)   (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Self Accused (1 CD)   (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
Straight Talk on Truth: Cincinnati Gathering (5 CDs)   (Teachers Series) David
Talks in the Woods (4 CDs) David
Time, Space and Personhood (1 CD)   (Most Advanced) (Teachers Series) David
West Palm Beach (1 CD) David
What Choice Is That? (2 CDs)  (Advanced) (Teachers Series) David

Audio CD's based on Bible Interpretations

The Symbolism of The Book of Matthew (2 CDs) Regina
The Book of Mark: The Story Retold by the Holy Spirit (3 CDs) Regina

Music of Christ CDs by Resta

Lamb Of God
Spirit Come

Music Of Christ:
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12 

Other Music CD's

Holy Spirit Sings- Music from Robert & Barbara Varley
Celebrate Love, Peace and Freedom - Variety of artists   Rainbow artists, Mitch & friends, Resta

MP3 CDs (Compressed format for more hours on fewer CDs)

Played on computer with mp3 software or MP3 CD Player. MP3 CDs can be played on computers with an MP3 Player such as Winamp (free), Windows Media Player, & RealOne Player (free) or on MP3 CD Players (well worth the investment).

A Course In Miracles. (Digital Voice)
Awake in the Mind: Intensive on the Bay (2 MP3 disks) David
David's Writings (Journals and Books) on mp3 CD along with Science & Health
Going Deeper (1 MP3 disk) David
Science & Health: With key to the Scriptures.
Urantia Book: Part IV, the Life & Teachings of Jesus.

Data CDs

The Complete Course In Miracles (all versions) (data CD)

Beloved One,

Other materials are currently being developed for distribution.  If you feel Guided to help in the efforts to make these teaching materials available to the public, please call or write or visit us.  All contributions are greatly appreciated.


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You can e-mail [email protected] to request items.

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