Musicians' Pavilion II

An instrumental prayer of Awakening to Serenity.

Presents: Year 2001 Musicians' Pavilion II (featuring the melodies of Serenity Music: Max Highstein, Erin Jacobson, Laurel Emryss, Shardad Rohani, Pat Clemence, & Rob Whitesides-Woo)

Enjoy another free concert celebrating the Serenity within your Heart. You will need the free download RealPlayer to listen to the music.

With a Loving Heart



In His Name, We Thank Thee

Song for the Lord



Silent Ballad

What the Heart Knows


Wedding Dance

Lover and Beloved

Touch the Sky


Path of the Heart

Full Circle

Going Home

Spring Song

First Light


The Dreams of Children

We at the Foundation for the Awakening Mind would like to express our gratitude to these performers and songwriters and musicians, and to Jim Moeller of Serenity Music who gave us permission to share their inspired music on the Muscians' Pavilion II and Serenity Through A Course In Miracles which is (Listen to the Holy Spirit) on the main web site.  If you would like to purchase this music or a meditation tape or DVD to aid your meditation and relaxation and healing, write to Jim at Serenity, 8016 marion Dr., Maria Stein, OH 45860. You can e-mail him at [email protected], phone him at: 1-800-869-1684, or visit the Serenity web site at:

Jim has a miraculous story of how Serenity was founded on the web site, and it can be said that this music has traveled on the wings of angels for many, many years. May everyone find the peace & serenity within.

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