A collection of songs that came from Holy Spirit by way of Resta.



Morning of love, morning of love. Itís daybreak and radiant love of the
Son is filling my mind. Morning of joy, morning of joy. Itís daybreak and
radiant joy of the Son is filling my mind.
Dawn of the truth, dawn of the truth. Itís daybreak and radiant truth of
the Son is filling my mind. Sweet light of peace, sweet light of peace.
Itís daybreak and radiant peace of the Son is filling my mind.
Rising as Christ, Iím rising as Christ. Itís daybreak and I am the Son who
has come to shine on the world. My mind filled with light. Undone the
night. Eternal this radiant day as I shine with the light of the Christ.




I walk the world in holiness. I light the world with happiness. I walk the
world, I light the world with peace.
I walk the world in holiness. I carry joy to heal and bless. I walk the
world, I light the world with peace.

Refrain: Iím (weíre) not alone; Godís ever there. Our union is a song of
prayer, and joy flows from the love we share with all the world as peace.

Come walk with me in holiness. Weíll share the light of happiness. Weíll
walk the world and light the world with peace.
We are Godís Child; we are the light. We are the love; we are the Christ.
Weíll walk the world and light the world with peace. Refrain




It seems like weíre broken in two, because thereís a me and a you. But our
bodies arenít us; theyíre just water and dust. So thereís no need to moan
and boo-hoo.

Refrain: Laugh, laugh! Remember to laugh. Remember itís only a dream.
Ego, schmego, wake up, amigo! Stop crying and have a good laugh.

We have the idea we left God, that weíre guilty and dirty and flawed. But
thatís impossi - bull. Of much bull it is full! When you think it, shout
Haw, Haw, Haw Haw! Refrain

The ego cries, ďSin, guilt and fear! You must bow down and worship them,
dear.Ē But Spirit insists that they do not exist. These three ghosties we
should not revere. Refrain

We imagine that God is real mad, and to squash us will make Him so glad.
But Love cannot hate; like Itself It creates. By the egoís tall tales weíve
been had. Refrain

My guilt onto you I project, then accuse you of all my defects. But weíre
innocent both behind mirrors and smoke. Are we really divine? Hey, you
bet! Refrain




Angels of light flow through our minds, singing and chanting in colors

Refrain: Angels and angels and angels abound, making wherever we walk
holy ground.  Angels of joy with wings all afire ecstatically circle the heavenly choir.


Angels of peace silently pray, their thoughts penetrating our night with
love's rays.


Angels of mercy, tender and dear, gently enfold us, calming our fears.


Angels so loving, God's gift to us, walk with us, guide us to heal and to




Remember me gentle. Remember me kind. Remember the sweet warmth of your
hand in mine. Remember me doing the best I could do. Remember me feeling how
much I love you.

Forget my impatience, the words that could hurt. Forgive me my blindness,
not seeing your worth. My mistakes have been many but let them not hide
the goodness and blessings and joy in our lives.

Remember the laughter and smiles that we shared. Remember that always
within me Iíve cared. Remember me thinking how precious you are. Remember me
holding you safe in my heart.

Forget the illusions of distance or years. Our spirits are ageless and
love brings us here to share what our souls know has ever been true: I love
you. I love you. I deeply love you.



The parting of the road is here, two ways to walk to God. If we now choose
two different roads, it doesnít mean weíre lost. Weíve taught each other
many things; thatís what our love was for. Take with you my blessing,
love, and I will carry yours.

Refrain: I will pray for you, every day for you. I will pray for you,

for your highest good. I will send a smile across all the miles,

and an angel to give it to you.

Our journey has been sweet sometimes, but also stained with tears. Itís
easy to lose sight of love through eyes made dark with fear. Youíve given me so
many gifts of kindness, love and fun. I want to let you go in peace now
that our storyís done. Refrain

Bodies seem to go apart, but spiritís ever one. No matter where we go in
life, our love canít be undone. The Christ in you and Christ in me is all
we really are. And while we dream of separate roads, weíre joined within
Godís heart. Refrain




Refrain Come home, My child, come home again from roads so long and far.
Come home to Me. I am your Friend. Your home is in My heart.

You dreamed a world of separateness, of bodies, space and time.
I'm calling you out of that world back to your holy mind. Refrain

You have forgotten who you are. You think you are alone.
But I'm the vine; you are the branch. I claim you as My own. Refrain

My Spirit I have sent to you to help you to forgive,
to see that what you dreamed is false. Only as love you live. Refrain

You cannot change your holiness, the truth of what you are.
Dear child, awaken to the light. You're safe here in My arms. Refrain




I choose the light and leave behind the darkness. I choose to love and
walk away from fear.
I choose to free the goodness of my soul, the truth that I am whole, the
peace that gently folds me in its wings.

I choose again and see you with forgiveness, the Face of Christ that's
shining in your eyes.
I choose to see the goodness of your soul, the truth that you are whole,
the peace that gently folds you in its wings.

Let's choose again and join our minds together. in this bright now we'll
know eternal life. Let's choose to free the goodness in our souls, the
truth that we are whole, the peace that gently folds us in its wings.

Let's teach the world to leave behind the darkness, to join in love and
walk away from fear. We'll help them see the goodness of all souls, the truth
that we are whole, the peace that gently folds us in its wings. So
joyously it sings. From holiness it springs: the peace, the peace of God.




When I feel upset or something makes me mad, when I feel alone or when Iím
feeling sad, a quiet voice inside says this need not be: You can choose again, choose
how you want to feel.

Refrain Thereís another way, another way to live. Thereís another way, a
way you can forgive. Each feeling and each thought is something you have
made. Give it back to God and take His love in trade. Fill your mind with
light and let the darkness fade. Thatís the other way.

No one else can make me feel the way I do. I donít have to blame my
feelings onto you. And if I should forget and feel the anger rise, I hear the quiet
Voice that says to me, My child, Refrain

So if you feel afraid, or angry, blue or sad, remember that you choose
each feeling that you have. Listen for the Voice thatís waiting in your mind to
help you choose again and help you to decide, Refrain



The sight of Christ is all there is to see, our own divinity, lovely its
peace. Gone the veil that hid this holy light, the shining Face of Christ,
the truth revealed.

Refrain Walk with Him, what joy to walk with Him. He gently leads us in
and takes us home. Christ in us, only the Christ in us. In perfect holiness all things are

The song of Christ is all there is to hear, the music soft and clear from
Heavenís light. This hymn of joy undoes the fearful dark and opens up the
heart where God abides. Refrain

The hand of Christ is all there is to hold. He leads us down the road
toward Heavenís gate. His healing touch revives all things from death. Through us
He loves to bless, dissolving pain. Refrain




Rest in Me. Rest in Me. Spiritís singing to you as you dream. You are
safe in Godís arms, loved and free. Hear this sweet lullaby: Rest in Me.

Child, let go. Child, let go all your struggles and pain. Let love flow.
Let the happiness rise in your soul. I want only your good. Child, let go.

Gentle peace. Gentle peace angels place over you while you sleep. You are
never alone; Iím ever here. Call to Me and Iíll give gentle peace.

You are Mine. You are Mine. We are forever one light divine. Hear the
universe sing this hymn to Christ: You are My holy child. You are Mine.




Let me remember I'm one with God. Let me remember what never was lost: the
peace that is shining from my holiness, the love I'm extending to heal and
bless. Let me remember, let me remember, let me remember I'm one with God.

Let me remember Who walks with me, Who shares with me one true identity.
Looking with love past his body I find the heart of my savior, his holy
mind. Let me remember, let me remember, let me remember Who walks with me.

Let me remember there is no sin, only illusions that seem to dim the light
of my true Self, the Face of Christ, but glory of truth cannot be denied.
Let me remember, let me remember, let me remember there is no sin.

Let me remember God created me, a child of His Spirit, pure, whole and
free. Only in dreams do I seem to roam while always and always I'm safe at home.
Let me remember, let me remember, let me remember God created me.

Let me remember that I am mind, shining and joyous, eternally kind. The
shadowy bodies I seem to see have nothing to do with reality. Let me
remember, let me remember, let me remember that I am mind.


Speak to me, holy Voice. Let me hear only You. Guide my steps, holy Voice.
Teach me how to undo every choice lacking love, each ungentle mistake.
Help me choose once again in the light of Godís grace.

Refrain: Voice of God, gentle Guide, all around, all inside. Voice of
truth that I trust calls me home, lifts me up.

Sing to me, holy Voice, heavenís sweet melodies. Bless my mind, holy Voice
with the music of peace. Harmonize with my heart as it sings of the Light.
Be the words for my voice as I sing of the Christ. Refrain

Pray with me, holy Voice. Be my bridge leading home. Guide the prayers of
my heart. Make my spirit Your own. Show all others to me in their innocent
light. Let me see in each one the sweet Face of the Christ. Refrain




Come out of darkness into the light. Come out of suffering into the
Christ. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Lay down your burdens. Cast off their weight. Say yes to mercy. Say no
to hate. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Forget the nightmares of guilt and tears. Release defenses. Throw out
your fears. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Live in your True Self. Take off your mask. Love is forever. This world
wonít last. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
In peace so gentle you are reborn. Gather your lilies. Lay down the
thorns. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Your mind is holy. Itís part of Godís, shining and perfect: no sins or
flaws. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Enter the heaven forgiveness brings. Open your heart now and hear love
sing: Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
In this bright moment, we two are one. Dreams of division are all undone.
Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Come out of darkness into the light. Come out of suffering into the
Christ. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.




Are you ready to open like a flower to the light? Will you let go of
winter and the comfort of ice?
Will you unfold your petals now, so fragrant with the Christ? Are you
ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Are you ready for melting your frozen heart so it can flow with the waters
of mercy and forgiveness from your soul,
and let them wash away the memories of fear so you can grow? Are you
ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Are you ready for Spiritís sweet blessings to flow in? Will you let go of
poverty and sadness and sin?
Will you recognize Godís angels and the tender love they bring? Are you
ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Are you ready for your brothers and sisters in Christ, to join with them
in holiness, in peace and in light?
Will you set free the song of love you have hidden deep inside? Are you
ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?




Shining wings of peace glide into my mind, bring me sweet release from the
bonds of space and time. Into Heavenís light, I am lifted like a child on
shining wings of peace to rest in love awhile. Soaring, soaring, I am
soaring on the shining wings of peace.

Shining heart of truth opens to reveal that never can I lose the part of
me that's real. A body I am not, but spirit pure and free with a shining
heart of truth that lives eternally. Living, living, I am living in the shining
heart of truth.

Shining Face of Christ gently smiles at me. Gazing in those eyes, only
innocence I see. The Face of Christ is yours. It is his and hers and mine.
Behold its loveliness, the peace that from it shines. Seeing, seeing, I am
seeing the shining Face of Christ.




One heart, one mind, one life in God, one faith that love is true: If we
agree to heal the pain, all pain we can undo.

Refrain: In our joining there is power. In our joining we are whole. The
choice for peace is ours. God placed it in our soul.

We see a world that seems so dark with violence and fear. But underneath
the cries of hate, the cry for love we hear. Refrain

A house united will not fall, but holds us safe inside. A house of faith
we build today where peace and love abide. Refrain


Letís begin again, look into each otherís eyes. Letís begin again, see the
likeness of the Christ. Guiltís released by gentle tears that wash away
the pain, cleansing out the bitterness till only joy remains.

Letís begin again: See me as I truly am. Letís begin again, with one heart
that understands. Letís forgive what never was, the hate that could not be
and share the holy light of peace in loveís reality.

Letís begin again, and sing a brand new melody of happiness and peace,
sweet with Christed harmony. You and I will sing two parts that blend and flow
and weave a single song of gentle love the angels use to heal.

Letís begin again and offer peace to everyone. Letís begin again and let
the darkness be undone. Take my hand and walk with me to our Spirit home.
Weíll gather others on our way, all singing as we go:

Letís begin again, look into each otherís eyes. Letís begin again, see the
likeness of the Christ. Letís begin again.




Give Me your dreams and I will undo them, with mercy renew them, removing
all hurt. Give Me your dreams, all of your suffering made out of nothing,
denying your worth.

Refrain: You are the dreamer of nightmares of grief,
foolish and false and unreal, woven of emptiness, wish and belief. Give
them to Me to be healed.

Give Me your dreams of fear and disaster. Iíll wash them in laughter,
dissolve them in light. Give Me the dreams where pain has been hidden. Let
them be forgiven with vision of Christ. Refrain

Give Me your dreams of mind that is broken, its specialness stolen by
figures of hate. Awaken, My child, to heavenís sweet music. No longer
refuse it. By love you are saved. Refrain

Give Me your dreams and no more be victim of imagined sickness and
vengeful attack. You are Godís Son, His own holy treasure and loved beyond measure.
Heís calling you back. Refrain



Love will lead you safely home. Hear it calling: Child, let go. Surrender
to its gentle flow in you. Follow Love. Follow Love. Follow Love. Love will
lead you to the Light. Hear it whisper in the night: Child, awaken to the
Christ in you. Follow Love. Follow Love. Follow Love.

Refrain: Love created you to be just like itself. The love you are is all
thatís real.
Love longs to waken you from guilty dreams of hell. All youíve imagined
Love will heal.

Love will lead you out of time. Love will make the darkness shine. Hear it
calling: Child, be kind to all. Follow Love. Follow Love. Follow Love.
Love will lead you out of fear. Love will wipe away your tears. Hear it
calling: Child, Iím here with you. Follow Love. Follow Love. Follow Love.





Beauty in the rain, falling like the grace of God. Beauty in the flame,
burning like the love of God.
Beauty in the wind, making flowers bend and sway. Hear the children laugh,
running in the beauty of the day.
Beauty in the heart, radiating tenderness. Beauty in the eyes that see
the longing to be blessed.
Beauty in the mind, shining with the love that heals. Hear the Christ
within, telling of the beauty of the real.
Beauty of the light, spark of God in everyone. Beauty of the Christ in
their innocence and love.
Beauty of the truth reveals Creation's gentleness. Hear the song of peace
declaring every child of God is blessed.
Beauty of the stars, diamonds in the velvet dark. Galaxies of light
glowing like Creation's heart.
The beauty of God's love calling to His holy Son. Hear His tender Voice:
Be still, and know that I AM one.



Do you dare to be happy? Do you dare to be free? Would you walk out of
prison if you had the key? Would you rise up from bondage and claim your
true throne? If you found a great treasure, would you call it your own?


Holy Christ, holy child, calls the Voice in your mind.

Shining soul, pure and whole, call the Voices from home.

Waken now from your dream.

Know how much you are loved. Holy Christ, holy
child, we are one.

Do you dare to not suffer and to be without fear? If you knew you were
dreaming, would you give up your tears? If given all power, would you stop
being weak? If your struggles were ended, would you dare to feel peace?

Itís your choice to be happy. Itís your choice to be free. You can stay
there in prison while holding the key.
You can suffer in darkness or walk in the light; feel alone and abandoned
or at one with all life. Refrain




Come into the circle of light, where truth is restored to our sight.

Together we find there is only one mind when we come to the circle of light.

Come into the garden of peace. Find here with me loveís release.

Thereís no separation, just shared jubilation here in the garden of peace.

Come in from the blackness and cold, leaving behind dreams of old.

Here in this sweet place we share in complete grace, forgetting the blackness of cold.

Come to the Spirit. Be free. Gently He helps us to see that together we shine as
the single Christ mind.

Joined in the Spirit, weíre free.

Come out of the desert, my friend, into the journeyís kind end.

Surrender with me to remembrance of peace here in loveís garden, my friend.

Come into Atonement, dear one, Remembering we are Godís Son.

Here dreams are forgiven. In joy we are living within the Atonement as one.

Jesus is calling to us.

Come to the circle. Be blessed. When love is your teaching, all minds you are reaching

and calling to their holiness.












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