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'Messengers of Christ' welcomes you to this website! Sharing the Good News of the gospels around the world.
Jesus came to lead us to Salvation. He shows us the The Way, the Truth and the Light of Love.
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Glossary of Terms

altar - The mind (not a physical structure) upon which devotions are placed at the level of thought.

atone - To correct. Used here in the context of correction at the level of perception / thought.

Christ - The one Son of God, created in His own likeness and image.

communion - Direct communication with God, the source of life, through the remembrance of Christ.

crucifixion - The attempted condemnation of God’s Son.

death - Heaven's opposite. The crucifixion of God’s Son.

devotion - A demonstration of loyalty, either to light or to darkness.

forgiveness - The one means to salvation through which the Mind of Christ is born again through you. This is the correction of the error of sin, revealing the innocence, wholeness and perfection of God’s creation.

God - The Creator of all that is real, perfect, complete, holy and everlasting.

heaven - The eternal state of peace where the Father and the Son abide as One, and sing an eternal song of thanks and gratitude for their changeless love. The state of timeless and eternal Union between Father and Son.

hell - See also death. Guilt.

Holy Spirit - The bridge between the Father and the Son while he appears on earth; the guide and the teacher who helps relinquish fear; the correction for sin and the Voice for God.

idol - Anything that attempts to substitute for heaven. Nothing in form can be a substitute for the peace of God.

Jesus Christ - The physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit on earth. A Messenger for God, a teacher of Forgiveness and a symbol of Salvation.

judgment - There are two forms of judgment; innocence and guilt. One is of the Holy Spirit, the other is unreal as it is not of God. Innocence, the only true and honest judgment, is universal and applies to the guiltless Son of God, created in perfect union with his Father.

miracle - A relinquishment of judgment, fear, attack, sickness or death in exchange for the Love of God. Miracles are performed only through trust and willingness and in absence of doubt. Miracles are the means to the resurrection and are the main factor in atoning for sin. Miracles and forgiveness stand as one.

prayer - Thoughts, wishes and desires. A medium of asking for something, of which forgiveness is the only meaningful prayer.

resurrection - The correction of sin; the atoning (forgiving) of all error which brings salvation for the world through God’s Son. Jesus demonstrated that death for the Son of God is impossible.

sacrifice - The false belief that something of value must be given up in order to obtain God's Love. The belief in sacrifice stems from a confusion of what is valuable and what is valueless.

salvation - Awareness of Heaven attained through atonement.

satan - In Christian tradition Satan is described as the anti-christ. A false identity made as an attack on Christ.

separation - The bible calls this the “fall from grace”. The false belief that one can have a separate and autonomous existence apart from God, which results in intolerable fear and guilt. See also hell.

sin - An error of thought / perception that perpetuates guilt, fear and shame by means of projection. An attempt to re-create one’s self apart from God’s creation.

Son of God - See Christ.




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