I have a question. Why did the seeming separation occur in the first place? I asked Holy Spirit about this and I got something about the Holy Instant of the Mind of God when all of this was a single thought that passed in the same instant.


Dear Beloved One,

Your question may be thought of in the same way as the question, "How did the separation occur?". Any question that the ego ever asked is only a metaphor for the one doubt that that lasted but an instant. The answer for either question, how or why, is really the same. The doubt thought put into words, is that one could have a separate existence apart from one's Creator. This doubt thought seemed to cause the One Mind to separate into multitudes of parts and this we speak of as the original error, the separation, the dream of sin that never was. There is no reason that can ever be given for something that is unreal as there is no source for error, it can only be seen for what it is and that is the end of all questions.

What seemed to occur in the one unholy instant was simultaneously corrected. If this were not so, the separation would have a reality of it's own and the power of God would indeed be limited. What seemed to be the unholy instant never was at all. What now seems to be linear time is but a moment's madness being replayed again and again in the mind of the sleeping Son of God. Recognition of what is unreal brings an end to the concept of linear time and all illusions and returns the Mind to the original state of the Holy Instant.

A sense of separation from God is the only lack that really needs to be corrected. This sense of separation comes only from a distorted perception of Reality, from which you then perceive yourself as lacking, and from which all seeming needs arise. One's responsibility is to relinquish all needs but the singular need for God. There is no perceptual universe that existed before the thought of separation, nor does it actually exist now. One must see that what seems to be a multitude of images is just one error. There seems to be a gap between you and your brother; the body's eyes report differences, and you believe them. You must seek within you and allow the Holy spirit to correct this mad idea. Everything God created is like Him as One. Only Love can create Love, and what is temporal is not Love. Extension is of God, and this inner radiance that the children of the Father inherit from Him is eternal. Life in a body is temporary and not of God. Life is not of the body, but of the mind. To realize this is to realize salvation. You are so worthy of God's Love and you are entitled to the perfect comfort that comes from perfect trust. Do no waste your time on useless attempts to make yourself more comfortable within the illusions by rearranging them to suit your seeming needs and wants. The miracle is the means for you. It prepares your mind for God. The miracle prepares the mind for the acceptance of the Atonement, where God's Creations are completely dependent on Each Other. He depends on you because He created you perfect. You must learn to look upon the world as a means of healing the seeming separation. The Atonement is the guarantee that you will ultimately succeed. And remember to apply this one quote, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you." All is one in Christ. I love you forever and ever.

With Love and Gratitude,

Teach Only Love

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