Peace of Mind Is Uncovering and Releasing the ego Forever

Laying aside all judgment, all that we think we know is so, including all self-concept ideas and opening up to what is far more satisfying than what this world has to offer. It is a recognition that all experiences of separation (scarcity, guilt, fear, etc.) occur only because there is a hidden belief that there is something valuable about the idea of separation from God.

With the Spirit's help, the hidden and insane belief in separation comes into awareness and is seen as false; no longer valued, the belief dissolves. Since the world merely represents the thinking of the mind, as that thinking changes, the need to repeatedly find evidence in the world in order to be "right" about the mistaken belief in separation falls away. What remains is a new and joyous experience of the world.

The ego cannot separate what God created as One. No thought of disharmony can stand the Light of Truth. All things work together for good because there is a common Perspective Which sees all things (ie., events, persons, things, happenings, etc.) as illusory. In quietness are all concerns already answered and is every seeming problem already resolved.

There is nothing to fear in honest inquiry. Just stop running and avoiding and projecting and justifying and rationalizing what you think you know to be the case. Admit that you have been deceived and be open to question all that you think you know. How else can one allow for a complete change of mind about oneself, and accept one's Reality as the Self God created? Stop pretending that you are an autonomous, independent person who knows something of Divine Mind. The Mind and body have no meeting point, no point of reconciliation. You are not a person with a Mind. You are wholly, purely, completely Mind. True independence is not the independence of the body, but the freedom that comes from complete dependence on God. Surrender all concepts of what you think you are to the Light of Spirit and accept the concept of forgiveness that is offered as a Correction to the error.

The ego wants you to find scapegoats to bare the blame and idols to raise up and cling to, that you may retain the make-believe identity. The belief in a private mind with private thoughts is the throne the ego guards and protects, and it cares not if you take on the role of leader or follower. You need not become a religious/spiritual leader or guru. You need not be a follower of a person or a formal religion. Open to the Teacher within and listen to your Call to awaken from the dream of the world. Your inner Guide can use the symbols you believe in to take you to an experience that is beyond all symbols, over the rainbow! Meaning is within. Meaninglessness is outside you and therefore you cannot be at the mercy of images. In your higher mind, aligned with God, you have dominion over all images! Divine Mind is beyond images entirely!

The ego declares: "You don't need to look at your beliefs, just love." Can you love a world of images, something which was made to take the place of God? The world was made by belief, not by God. Can you remember unconditional Love, which has been veiled from awareness by belief, without questioning such belief? Don't be fooled into thinking you can forgive a world without raising to awareness the belief system that made it. The mind cannot release what it has denied from awareness. All such ego "shortcuts" to "love" are really nothing more than delays and distractions to being aware of unconditional Love.

Sometimes the ego insists: "Words are completely useless. Stop speaking and be silent." The insistence gives the ego away. True Silence is indeed the State in which God is remembered. Revelation is beyond all words. Yet though this deep Silence is always available, it is very fearful to a conflicted mind that believes in separation. Chatter, thoughts of the past and future, are the ego's attempt to deny Divine Silence from awareness. Words are only symbols of thoughts. A mind in accord with Spirit is Silent and can be spoken through. Whether the body seems to be speaking or not speaking, moving or not moving, is irrelevant to such a miraculous Silence. The purpose the mind chooses determines the state of mind which is experienced: upset or peace. Silence is natural, though it can be obscured from awareness by the choice to align with the ego. The issue is never to speak or not to speak, but to be clear of your purpose. This is the decision to be made. The rest merely follows.

The ego demands its freedom: "I will not be confined by another person, institution, or set of rules." The ego tells the mind that it is possible for a person to be free from a world external to itself. It does not bring to awareness the awareness that there is no world apart from the mind. The world is a world of concepts that has not left the mind that thought it was separate. Divine Mind is free, for It is created with Free Will. Persons can never be free, for the mind that believes it is a person has enslaved itself to idols. You cannot be Mind and body, Spirit and matter, Eternal and temporary. The concept of personhood is an attempt to combine or reconcile what can never be combined or reconciled. Images can seem to act out the belief in control, but the fact remains that God did not create control. God created Divine Mind Abstract and Free. Freedom from control cannot be realized by a mind that believes it is a person in a world external to itself. Peace and Freedom come to the Mind that recognizes Itself as Eternal, Changeless, and Infinite.

Notice how the ego always focusses attention on specifics and personalities, past and future. The ego has no awareness of the present and the Silent Answer within. When you notice that your mind is preoccupied with senseless musings, choose again. The miracle will remind you that the false is false, and you will feel the ease and safety of your Lofty Perspective. As you are increasingly aware of this Perspective, you will feel less of a need to pay attention to the ego's chatter. And the chatter will fade and grow dim in the Light of the Truth within You, the Truth of You.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Sink inward into Mind, and lay aside everything you think you think and feel and know. Come open to receive that which awaits. In the Silence, in the utter Stillness, you will experience your True Identity, your Real Self, the Christ. You are Vast, Beloved Child of God! There is nothing to seek. Know Thyself!

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