What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is Salvation from illusions or, in other words, a recognition of Reality. Acceptance of the Correction (Holy Spirit's Perspective/Vision of Christ) ...opens the way. Forgiveness, seeing the false as false, is the door to Enlightenment. The eternal/changeless is true. The ephemeral/ transitory is false. Who you are, as God created you, is eternal/changeless. What was made to substitute for Reality, is false. Enlightenment is awakening from the dream of fear. It requires laying aside all concepts of what you are and what God is. It requires emptying the mind of the temporal, and thus remembering the eternal nature of Self and God. Reality is Oneness. Duality is illusion. You are blessed as a Child of God. Love is what you are. Love is all there is!

Enlightenment is a State of Being. There is a state of nonjudgment or forgiveness which opens the way to the acceptance of Truth or Reality. You are not at the mercy of the world of concepts and images. Before you awaken from the dream of the world, you will have a happy dream. You will see that you are the dreamer of the dream. You are vast and have dominion over images. Awakening to your True Identity is the only purpose this world has. The Light is within You and is You. Follow the Guide within and return Home to the Heaven You could never leave or forget. We are all blessed as Children of God. Thank You God for creating All as One in Spirit!


Experiencing Enlightenment:
Changing Your mind About Your Mind

If you're feeling frustrated about your life, and at times wonder what purpose it has, perhaps you'd like to read some thoughts on how to uncover the blocks to the truth within: your True Identity which God created perfect and loving. This Identity has nothing in common with the way you see yourself in this world, for this is a world of changing images, and your True Identity is changeless. Your concept of yourself in this linear (past-future) dualistic world is limited and little. This concept includes a private mind, with private thoughts about yourself and the world, and a body which senses itself and a world external to itself through the five senses. In contrast, your True Identity is eternal and infinite, like the Creator from which It is created. Eternal Spirit is Oneness and transcends all concepts and images and the time-space cosmos of duality.

In your current condition your True Identity is obviously unrecognized, and therefore it should not be surprising that at times you feel alone, afraid, anxious, depressed, or helplessly adrift. The good news is that your current state of mind is always a matter of choice, and you can learn to allow mistakes to be corrected by making better choices. It is possible to learn to choose to be happy, free, and at peace regardless of circumstances. It is possible to reach Enlightenment, awakening from the dream of fear and death to the Reality of Eternal Life!

Everyone who seems to inhabit a body on earth holds an erroneous or false thought system in mind and organizes his/her "earthlife" by it. This false, fear-based thought system is the ego, or Satan, in Biblical terms. The mind seems split or ununified in the "condition" of separation. Yet though it believes in falsity, the split mind also contains the Correction to error, which is always available. This spark of Light can never go out, it can only grow vast and bright as the flame of Remembrance. This Correction, or true thought system, is one's Intuition, or the Holy Spirit, in Biblical terms. This Guide, when followed, leads to a unified Mind, a forgiven world, and is the gateway to remembrance of God, Truth, and one's True Identity as the Eternal Child of an infinitely loving God.

Everyone in the world experiences the emotional roller coaster ride of unstable thoughts and perceptions. Again, this should not be surprising, considering the attempt to hold in mind two completely contradictory thought systems. What is love cannot also be fear. Fearful concepts are not true, but you can seem to believe in them. And when you do you seem to vacillate between the thoughts of love and the thoughts of fear and thus experience confusion and conflict. But fear and love can never co-exist, and the presence of one in awareness means the other is absent.

So what is the way out of this seeming conflict? What is the escape from the "human condition?" Give up what you do not want and what does not serve you (fear), and what you are (love) will return to your awareness. This is inevitable, for what you are has never changed and exists forever in the Mind of God. Allow your false beliefs and concepts and thoughts to be raised to awareness and release them. Since false beliefs limit your awareness, it must be clear that you must change your mind about your Mind (accept It as Changeless and Eternal) to recognize Your True Self as Spirit and remember God. Just remember, Help is given you from God and you are not alone in the task of learning to accept the Correction of error made for you.

I am joined with you in this task, for we share in the Purpose of healing. This joining is very powerful, as you will discover, because God is the Source and Power by which all healing is already accomplished. Healing requires only acceptance, for in truth Love is all there is and ever will be. Joyful is the adventure of accepting God's Correction to the erroneous belief in separation. Perfect love casts out fear!

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