Now is the time

There is nothing left to seek for in this world when it can be exchanged for another one. What a wonderful world there is to behold in forgiveness! No thought of gain or loss, winning or losing, success or failure ever had any meaning. Fantasy is not real and dreaming is not Being One. You are ready to Awaken to Oneness. And as you awaken the whole world awakens as well. For the world was never more than a misperception. As perception becomes whole, the single mind sees only wholeness. At last you are ready to see with Inner Vision, and you realize that "physical sight" was nothing but the illusion of being in the dark. The Light has come and it is time to rejoice! It is time!

Teaching/learning materials such as journals, pamphlets, and video segments are offered freely and any talks or gatherings we sponsor are made available to the public for free. We accept donations to help extend our Internet ministry and to help sponsor public talks and gatherings. The work of our Foundation is charitable in that everything we offer, from talks and discussions to unlearning materials, are offered free of charge as a gift to those who express an interest in learning true forgiveness (unlearning the ego) and extending inner peace. The teachings and methods of learning provided by our Foundation are religious in that they are inspired by and based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and his messages of "turn the other cheek," "love thine enemy," and "love thy neighbor as thyself." The work of the Foundation is educational in that we believe forgiveness needs to be taught and learned and practiced repeatedly and consistently for real inner peace to be experienced. All the sponsored talks and discussions and learning materials are viewed as teaching/learning aids in the educational process of teaching and learning true forgiveness.

Teaching and learning true forgiveness is being aware that one is never upset by anything but erroneous thoughts, and that those erroneous thoughts can be released. True forgiveness is the release of all hurts and grievances and grudges that block the awareness of the Divine Love that is God-given and exists in everyone and everything. True forgiveness is releasing all anger and hatred and guilt and fear by seeing that they came from an error or mistaken belief that was only an attempt to forget the Love of God. Living and extending inner peace is the natural result of true forgiveness, for when error has been laid aside and a healing correction accepted in its place, peace prevails. To extend peace, one must be peaceful. To teach peace, one must learn it for oneself. No one can offer a gift they do not already possess. Likewise, peace of mind cannot be found outside one's own mind, for it depends not on the world. Peace comes from God and is a natural extension of God. Therefore prayer and meditation are advocated as means to inner peace and harmony. Religion is the experience of inner peace and education (which is the unlearning of falsity) is but a means of coming to the experience of inner peace.

Divine Providence is our Source of Sustenance while serving the Plan of Awakening to Joy. We see that the travels and gatherings and work with brothers and sisters from all over the country have been orchestrated by the Holy Spirit as part of His Plan of Awakening. We attribute all our support to Him, though the forms of support have been many and varied. The meditations, video-gatherings, counseling sessions, and Internet ministry have always been offered entirely on a donation basis. No one has ever been turned away for lack of funds and everything has always been offered and freely given without any expectation of compensation. Our ministry continues today as it has in the past. Freely Christ has given His Gospel to us to live and to give and freely we have given and extended the gift. It is an honor and a joy to share the Love of God, and as Jesus once said: "The messenger is worth his keep." Everything we have ever thought we needed in serving God's Plan has been provided. Holy Spirit watches over all of us as we serve His Plan, and we are always assured that this Watchful Care continues. He has been with us always as we carry on our simple mission. Whatever we have seemed to need, be it a car, a meal, a place to stay, or a calm, gentle reminder, all our needs have been met by Him. There is a calmness of heart in turning all perceived problems and needs over to Him and listening for His sure guidance.

We were brought together by God to serve His Plan, to treat each other with dignity, respect, kindness, holiness, and to awaken to our Divine Love. We approach our Purpose for coming together with great reverence and devotion. It is the core of our Life in God. Our relationship is our Relationship with everything and everyone, for we live and love as God lives and loves, unconditionally, all-inclusively, and free of specialness. There is no jealousy or exclusion in love. We join with all in experiencing the all-inclusiveness of the family of God, where no brother or sister is seen as separate or apart from the Whole of God. Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for our Relationship in God. We are glad that this joy is not dependent on where bodies seem to be or whether or not they seem to be "together." We are created by a Pure Idea, and we are like our Source. We are Spirit as God is Spirit, and we are overflowing with thankfulness that this truth is dawning in the Mind we share. Our walk together has been for the Purpose of accepting our Divine Source and laying aside all thought of the world as the source of anything.

Divine Love is giving as God gives, freely and willingly and openly, without demands or limits or expectations.

Holy Relationship is a reflection of our Divine union with God and as such is sacred.

This is a time of prayer and devotion and reflection on All that is of God. Our hearts know that love and kindness are the truth. We offer each other and God our willingness, that we may remember to love and let go of any unloving thought that arises in mind. Our Relationship in God is a fact. Let us remember to laugh together at false ideas, for they have no place in our Holy Mind. There are no private thoughts that are real, and in gentleness and meekness is the Strength given us to overlook all illusions that would attempt to veil love. This is a time of praying and reflecting upon and experiencing Union. Let us join in love first and trust that all else will be subtracted. "By their fruits you will know them." Joy and happiness and peace and laughter are undeniable, for they come from our Source. Our focus always is releasing erroneous thinking and learning to think with God all the time. God's Will for All is Perfect Happiness.

Fairness is the realization that giving and receiving are the same. In this awareness there is no loss, no gain, no scarcity, no greed, no lack, no accumulation, and no "giving to get." Trust in God and fairness go hand in hand. There is no way to attempt to leave God out of awareness and experience fairness, for since God is All in All, fairness is as obvious as God is. The "bottom line" is trust in God, not money. The "price" of peace is not assets, for peace comes with humility, trust, surrender, and non-judgment. Security and stability do not come from "owning," but from releasing all attack thoughts and grievances. A Mind free of judgment is secure and stable in the Knowledge of its Self. "I cannot be unfairly treated" is a statement of fairness in action, for true fairness is Invulnerable. That Which is of God needs no protection or defense.

Integrity is of the Mind. Integrity is based entirely on trust in God. When faith is placed in the laws of economics, the laws of nutrition, the laws of medicine or other false beliefs, the awareness and experience of Integrity has been denied. Integrity rests on opening to our God-given function and not being ashamed or embarrassed to express our faith and trust in God in all aspects of living. If we have been in a closet of worldly beliefs and associations, Integrity Calls us "out of the closet" and beckons us to walk in Light. Integrity is open and has nothing to hide, for It is an open invitation to everyone to awaken to the Love of God. Honesty and Integrity go hand in hand. Honesty is the relinquishment of judgment, attack, and blame, for Innocence is what is true and can never be found in blame and guilt. Happiness, joy, and peace are honest, for honesty is always based in truth. Honesty comes from the Acceptance of God's eternal Law of Love and the realization that God's Law of Love is the only Law there is. Integrity is non-compromising for It makes no bargains, seeks no middle ground or gray areas, and is not concerned with appearances or opinions. Integrity and listening to the Voice for God are synonymous, and therefore Integrity seeks no "external" support or validation. The Support of God is Its sole requirement.

Holy Relationship is Content and not form of any kind. Holy Relationship is based on trust in God and cannot be experienced apart from this trust. Holy Relationship is Inclusive, for everyone is welcome in Its Sight. Divine Love is giving as God gives, freely and willingly and openly, without demands or limits or expectations. Holy Relationship is a reflection of our Divine union with God and as such is sacred. Holy Relationship is a State of Mind which gives of Itself to everything and everyone, radiating to all creation forever and ever. Devoid of categorization, comparison, and the "personal," Holy Relationship aspires to the State of God's Grace in which there is only Wholeness, Completion, and Perfection.


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