"A" thru "F"

A Beautiful Mind- The sleeping mind sees people who are not really there and is paranoid about its safety and security.  This love story is about the determination to reach equality and intimacy and transcend competition and fear, releasing false self-imposed limits.  Though Love is ever-Present, the necessity of healing and forgiveness is apparent for a beautiful mind willing to experience its Natural State of Mind.  Faith Guides the mind beyond the maze of past associations to the Supreme Beauty of Love.  The drive to succeed and achieve gives way to the only meaningful Prize: the awareness of Love.

A Price Above Rubies- Whether you believe in God or not, be open to following your heart and questioning the ways of the world. Whatever you need on your journey to inner peace will appear. True religion is the experience of present inner peace, love ,and freedom, not ritual and doctrine and tradition. When words and actions seem hypocritical and inconsistent, go beyond them to the experience of love in your heart.

A Stranger Among Us- Contrasting cultures and ethnic customs/conditioning cannot veil the bright light of true love. Love sees beyond appearances and perceived differences and draws us near. Devotion, honor, respect, and integrity are beyond the traditions of time, for these qualities touch on the Eternal. We need not conform to the limitations of time, for love is everlasting.

A Walk In the Clouds- Even complicated webs of deception will fall away when you yield to the love in your heart. The seeds of love will never die. Love compels us to face our worst fear and go beyond it. Love guides us to ItSelf.

Always (Steven Spielberg)- The love we attempt to withhold is the only pain we carry. As we learn to help without wanting something in return, we remember the meaning of true love. Love does not possess. In helping and letting go of the desire to possess, we are Helped to understand unconditional love.

Always (Henry Jaglom)- Letting go of expectations and control is the only way we experience a "happy ending." Living in the moment, free of the past, is the only state of mind in which we are in union and beyond the possibility of "divorce." True Union is Eternal, beyond the body and the world.

Amanda & the Alien- True love is extending and helping regardless of changing appearances. Form seems to shift and change, but love has its strength in the mind, and this love is fearless. Be not concerned about the form of the person you are with, for you are always with your Self. And when you help anyone, you are Helped.

American Beauty- Let me accept all things exactly as they are.  For a world of oddities and temptations, where everything seems to shift and change and distortions prevail, there is a peaceful Perspective that simply Observes in Peace.  Where judgments were, there remains a blessing which has been untouched.  All things work together for good, and in this sacred Holy Instant a plastic bag dancing and swirling in the wind is beheld from the Point of Beauty.  Glory to the Spirit Which is All Beauty and Perceives the Beauty of the whole and complete tapestry of the cosmos.  Such is forgiveness.

Anger Management- Denial and repression can seem to keep pent up anger from being expressed, but the time comes when it is important to take the lid off.  A counseling relationship can be a backdrop to get in touch with unconscious anger and begin to release the judgments and interpretations that produce the anger.  Guided by the Holy Spirit this healing can actually seem very humorous, if properly perceived.  The Love that the anger seemed to veil comes shining through.

Artificial Intelligence: AI- A futuristic story of Love that extends beyond biology and machines and technology.  A search for the Real Love that is in everyone's heart.  In form many issues arise that seem to obscure Eternal Love, and abandonment and rejection are common feelings that block the Light.  Yet Love prevails and the witnesses to Love are beheld with the heart open and ready to receive.

As Good As It Gets- There is hope for anyone and any relationship when giving way to the desire to be helpful. Opportunities to release past habits and patterns abound. When the heart finally opens, it is a glory to behold.  This is a story about transforming consciousness from fear to love.

Awakenings- The desire to help can draw someone out of the shell of fears and inhibitions. In helping we are Helped. In our desire to heal and make whole, we realize we are healed and whole. Never stop hoping, for if you keep the faith the fruits of your determination will become apparent. And you will Awaken to Love!

Being There- True Love is innocent and beyond the judgments of the world. Innocence is beyond fear and want, for it contains everything within Itself. Life is nothing more than a state of Mind. Mind over matter is the lesson reflected in the final scene of this movie. In defenselessness is true safety, and this lesson shines clearly in the parable of this innocent, sweet, simple gardener.

Born On the Fourth of July- Anger and guilt will shift from scene to scene, place to place, until its source is unveiled and forgiven inside. Until there is forgiveness, the blame game, finger-pointing, and distractions to forget the pain are but follies a deceived mind plays with to stay in denial. Once anger and guilt are seen as unjustified, they can be released forever.

Borrowed Hearts- (A CBS made for TV movie) Though a deceptive situation may be set up for monetary gains, God hears the prayer of the heart. Love melts the most hardened and isolated chunks of ice, and an angel hovers 'round us, often in the least suspected time and face. Any situation can be used to find the true meaning of love. The prayer of our innermost Heart, like the prayer of an innocent child, comes true.

Breaking Up- A composite, revealing exposure of the futility of attempting "relationship" without Divine Purpose. Relationships without a Divine Aim always "break up," for they are based on nothing. Divine Purpose could be described as forgiveness, the undoing and releasing of the ego. For the belief in the ego prevents awareness of True Union and Intimacy. And the underlying fear of Intimacy and Union is the ego's fear of loss of itself, the "personal self" and the "personal world." There are pseudo "ego" experiences of attraction and repulsion, bonding and hatred, but underneath there is always a wish to separate and "go separate ways" or to maintain the private, independent sense of self. This is the futility and confusion of all worldly "relationships" and attempts at the "union of bodies." True Love is of the Spirit (beyond the body) and lasts forever!

Brother Sun, Sister Moon- The ways of the world and the Ways of the Spirit contrast, as darkness contrasts with Light. Love calls us inward, beneath the insane beliefs in war, commerce, and ritualistic traditions that block the Light. Love Calls, and those who hear It and follow Its beckoning find great joy that is not of this world. In following Love, the simple joys of the Spirit become apparent. Happily, in the end, darkness disappears in Light.

Bullworth- The undoing of make-believe concepts.  Like 'Harold and Maude' this movie is used by the Holy Spirit to undo a heap of false concepts.  Included in the undoing are political and economic and sexual race constructs of the self-concept.  With humor we follow J. Bullworth as he seems to take the lid off of topics and judgments that were believed and yet unspoken.  "You gotta be a Spirit, you can't be no ghost" is the reminder from the Holy Spirit that Integrity sees beyond all judgments and concepts to the Oneness of Spirit, far beyond the ghosts of past associations and concepts.  Enjoy a movie of Love and Inclusiveness that transcends race and politics and socioeconomic status.  Thanks be to God!

Chances Are- We are all so in love with each other, but seem to have an amnesia about our Oneness in Love. In the sleep of forgetfulness we tried it "on our own," but deep inside we've known, we'd be back to set things straight. The roles we seem to take on in this world is where the confusion and conflict arise. These roles change and repeat in many patterns. And though every memory (the past) repeats, every step on our inward journey retreats toward our Source and True Reality. And in the End we remember how it is meant to be with God, forever You and Me after all.

Chocolat- The rules and rituals of 'formal religion' are ego attempts to focus on the 'letter' of Love while missing the experience of Love.  This story is a reminder that Love does not judge, and in healing acceptance is everyone freed from guilt.  Take the stranger in.  Spread the Joy of Living.  Open the door to the heart, and see that everyone is invited.  Love blooms when it is nurtured and allowed to Be It Self, free from the traditions and limits of the past and far, far beyond the things of man.  Be a free Spirit by extending freedom and acceptance to everyone you meet.  They are our very Self!  

Dark City- In a world of darkness controlled by time, images and roles shift and change in an ongoing nightmare as if part of a mad experiment. Everyone seems under the spell of sleep and forgetfulness, just vaguely remembering distant memory of light, of Home, but unable to remember how to get back there. When the plan of darkness, attack thoughts, and projection is finally uncovered and exposed, the upside-down world is turned right-side-up and bathed in the Light of Innocence in the present moment. There is no memory of a past. The games of fear and guilt are ended in the Light of True Love.  Shell Beach symbolizes the Light within that everyone vaguely remembers, though the way to return has been forgotten.  In the Light Christ is recognized anew, as if for the very first time, with no memory of the past.  Forgiveness is seeing that what a person seemed to do, in Reality, has not occurred.

Dead Man Walking- What faith it takes to move beyond inner fears and the seeming "opinions of the world" to find True Innocence within. What strength it takes to look past appearances and actions to the Love that resides inside, without taking sides or condemning any brother or sister. Yet faith is rewarded openly when we learn to truly forgive, and let go of the illusions that were mistakenly held about our Self and the world. We experience a joy not of this world!

Deconstructing Harry- The characters of novels and plays and movies are much like the characters that people the world. Fear and insecurity are the threads that make up the tapestry of the world. Yet as we learn not to take the people and events so seriously and have a change of heart about the world, we gain a broader perspective. We gain a glimpse of the Big Picture. Every "body" has "played the part" perfectly on the stage of the world so we could learn our one lesson. The Innocence within is all that remains when the play or movie or novel comes to an end. And when we finally learn the only lesson that needed to be learned, forgiveness, the characters offer us a standing ovation for all the gratitude and love that was always present deep inside.

Defending Your Life- The past is very much like a past memory pavilion that repeats until we learn to transcend "judgment city." When the desire for joining or union becomes sufficiently singular, we are released from the past and thus released from the illusory consequences which we once believed were true. Deep down everyone wants to love and be loved. When we relinquish judgment, we at last open to the experience of True Love.

Devil's Advocate- The lures of the world glimmer and tempt toward a "better life" of more status, more money, more power, more recognition, and more sex appeal. But once these "gifts" are seen to be fool's gold, the underlying illusion of the world (ego) is unveiled. As long as one gives faith to the ego, one will seem to be a pawn in the ego's game and world. When you see the ego exposed, it no longer is attractive. When faith is withdrawn from an illusion, the illusion disappears, much like darkness vanishes with the dawning of Light.

Déjà Vu- There are no accidents or chance meetings among events or among "relationships." There is a Plan of Awakening, a Destiny unfolding, that ego rationality cannot comprehend. The power of Love Calls us and draws us to Itself, and our Intuition guides us safely Home in spite of the many conflicting voices of the world that seem to surround us. Conventional and traditional explanations and approaches fail, but all is well. Our innermost Heart knows the Way and guides us wisely! It is a vibrational harmony of the Soul we must follow, not the "should's" and "ought to's" of convention and routine based on the past. Follow your Heart.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial- No matter what anyone says or does or thinks or feels or tries to achieve or accomplish in this world, deep inside they only want to go Home! It is the same lesson as the classic Wizard of Oz theme. Never forget this. It is the deepest desire, and it is yours and mine as well! The desire to return Home is unforgettable. Call it what you will: Heaven, Oneness, Love, Bliss, Nirvana, Eternity, or Everlasting Life in God, Home is the deepest Calling of the Heart.

Fairy Tale: A True Story- All the world is full of symbols for those who have the eyes to see and are open to releasing limiting beliefs. Children can be open-minded and therefore "see" what is not accessible to the close-minded. Helpers can take many forms, for form can only represent and lead to What is entirely beyond perception: Light & Love!

Field of Dreams- Follow your heart on a journey of discovery. Listen to the Voice within and do what It says, even if it sometimes doesn't make sense. Your passion to discover the Truth will guide you on and draw others along with you. The whole journey is about forgiving the past and remembering the Love that is ever-present. Love waits only for welcoming and acceptance. When the heart is ready, the witnesses will appear. If you make ready the Altar of your mind, God will come into awareness. God is always present.

Finding Forrester- Seclusion and isolation close the heart away in a prison of fear.  A holy relationship is born when people are brought together to learn to trust and share the Love within.  The walls of fear are melted and the flame of trust ignites as the Helper within is allowed to flow through and bring help.  Limitations fall to the wayside as fears and false accusations are faced head on, and it becomes apparent that trust can carry one through the darkest night.  Open wide and let the Love shine!

Forrest Gump- Innocence is unfettered by the laws and ways and thinking of the world. With faith to just take the next step, Life takes care of Life. Contentment and happiness come from simple non judgment, extending love, and letting go of the idea that you really know what anything of this world is for. The journey is simply a yielding or surrender to What Is. When you give up trying to control the direction of the wind, the feather of love will gently make its way to you and land by your side.

Frankie & Johnny- All relationship conflict arises from the personal perspective of the ego. In self-deception the self-concept/body identity is held as a substitute for True Intimacy or the Union of Mind. The belief to be questioned is the belief in fragmentation and all subsequent thoughts of rejection, betrayal, anger, and abandonment. It takes great faith to unveil what is believed to be true and to instead accept the Truth of our Self: that as a Spiritual Being we are incapable of being rejected, betrayed, or abandoned.

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