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The Joy of Being One

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Writings:     David's Early Writings 


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As with all learning aids, the available material mirrors concepts already contained in one's mind. A ladder with many rungs is a common metaphor for the spiritual journey, symbolically representing the "steps" of concepts approaching true forgiveness. Since all perception witnesses to the mind what it wants to see and hear, one will "find" in this material what is desired, based on one's readiness and willingness.

Resources shared during Travels and Gatherings

Many of our resources and recorded gatherings are made available on a donation basis as we travel the world. 

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Attend a gathering when we come to your region of the world and take some resources home with you to use at your leisure. These resources help you to train your mind, heal, and Awaken to God's Love.

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A Course in Miracles
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Una Sola Mente

A Course in Miracles (Preface)
in various

Our Foundation is a freely given resource.Through the Grace of God and in the Name of God we are honored to serve and reflect the One in offering writings, audio & video clips, tapes, gatherings, and quiet retreats which help shed light on the experience of forgiveness. These offerings are available without charge to those who request them. Awakening to Who You Are has no price or cost. Love offering gifts and donations are gratefully accepted. We welcome all inquiries and requests from anyone with a deep, sincere desire to Awaken to Eternal Love. To learn more about how you can help our Foudation, please visit our Donations page here.

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The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is established for the purpose of teaching and learning true forgiveness, laying aside all grievances, and living and extending inner peace. First and foremost, we shall encourage prayer and meditation and the laying aside of judgment as the means of achieving the learning goal. We are a nonprofit corporation organized for religious and educational purposes, recognizing that true forgiveness is Divinely inspired and must be thoroughly taught and learned and accepted to be experienced. Everything we share is freely given and may be copied, reprinted, and shared in Joy with no cost, for it is associated with no price. Give as God Gives and You shall Know Thy Self and the Source of All Being.

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