Instrument for Peace


Working through upsets & healing your mind

The mind at peace is healed. The mind at peace has whole-heartedly welcomed peace. In this world, lack of peace appears in many forms. For permanent healing to occur, lack of peace must be traced back to its singular cause in the mind. Use of this instrument for that tracing back can help a willing mind let go of what it thinks it knows, see the world differently, and experience a present state of peace and joy.

1. When I think about (A)________________________________________________ __________________________(past or future action, situation, or event), I feel (B) ______________________________(specific upsetting emotions) because I think that (C)__________________________(name) is to blame AND/OR I'm afraid (C) _______________________________________ will occur in the future.

2. (A), (B), (C) prove that I am right about (D)________________________________________________________________ ___ (my belief in lack, taking the form of an image of self/other/the world). I do not like how I feel now, so I am ready to consider the possiblity that the way I am perceiving this is not the way it really is. As part of the healing process, I am willing to look beyond my perception of this upset (the meaning I have given it) and look within my mind.

3. I want to learn that there is a way that I can, without guilt, see the part I play in thinking (A)_____________________________________________ in feeling (B)______________________________ ____________ and in blaming (C)________________________________ and/or in fearing (C)__________________________________________________ ___________.

4. I release my wanting to be right about my perception of all of this: (A),(B),(C),(D). I want instead to be happy. Through the ego (distorted thinking/seeing), I perceive the cause of my upset and its resolution as outside my mind. This projection seems very real; its purpose is to distract my mind from looking inward.

5. If the cause of my upset and its resolution were outside my mind, I would, in fact, be powerless to change my state of mind. My use of projection (seeing outside what I don't want to see within) is why I seem powerless, why (C)__________________________________________________ seems to be the cause of my upset.

6. Thinking (A) ________________________________ feeling (B)_____________________________________________and blaming (C) _______________________________ and/or fearing (C) ______________________________ result from my belief in lack (taking the form of an image of self/other/the world) (D) ________________________________________________.

7. I am only upset at someone or something when they/it mirror(s) back to my mind a belief which I have denied from awareness. When I blame/fear something in the world, it is to avoid seeing the upset and resolution as they really are (a decision in my mind) and to instead maintain an image of self/other/the world as I wish. This mind trick seems to displace guilt and fear, but actually maintains feelings of upset. To blame or fear an image of self/other/the world requires that I believe I am limited to a body and world of bodies, and denies the spiritual abstract reality of my being. As a first step in letting go of all upset, I want to see in my mind what I thought was outside it. Being upset about (A) ____________________________________ is only another attempt to make (C)_____________________________________ the cause of my guilt and fear.

8. Upset seems valuable and justifiable when (A) runs counter to what I want(ed). What I want(ed) and expect(ed) is (E)___________________________________________________________________ (action, situation, or event). I still believe in some form of lack (D) _______ _____________________________so I think I need (E) to be happy, complete, and at peace. Is this belief in lack and the resulting expectation more important to me than peace of mind?

9. Everything in the world works together for my good. What I think is the cause of my upset is not the cause at all. The choice to be upset is a choice not to see the cause, my belief in separation/lack, as a present decision in my mind. It's an attempt to see the cause in the past/future and the present as its effect.

10. What I want RIGHT NOW, above all else, is peace. I question (D)______________________________ and I voluntarily let go of (E)______________________________________________in order to reconnect with my one goal: peace.

11. Peace of mind is a present decision which I gratefully choose RIGHT NOW! Guilt and fear of consequences only seemed possible because I was determined to hold on to a belief in past/future cause. I let go of the meaning I gave to the past/future and open my mind to the present, absolved and innocent.

12. I am grateful for the realization that the cause of my upset, which I thought was in the world, was actually only an unquestioned belief and decision in my mind; I have decided anew for my PEACE OF MIND.

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