Accepting the Atonement for Yourself
Part 1 & Part 2



Accepting the Atonement for Yourself – Talk 2
David Hoffmeister
San Francisco Miracles Conference, February 2007

Okay everybody, we’re going to start, we’re going to have a lot of fun this afternoon. Since we’ve just come in we’re going we’re going to start out with some music and some singing, it is another sing along. It will just relax you. First I will say the words, because the room is divided up into sides. So you are going to sing to each other, we will sing together. I have a friend in Denmark who wrote this rap song, we are rapping for Jesus and rapping for the Holy Spirit. First I will tell you the lyrics so you can just let them wash over a little, they are pretty simple. Then Peter with his great Holy Spirit voice is going to sing them so you will get the melody. Then we will do it all together as a praise to God. Start over here with the first line, “I’m the Holy Child of God in Heaven:” The second one is “I’m the Holy Light that shines always.” Over here, you will sing, “Walking through this world in perfect safety.” Over here, here’s your line, “From darkness and from fear I know I’ll raise.” Now the chorus is really super simple. There it is. The chorus is everyone signing together, “I’m so happy.” That’s it, that’s pretty easy. That’s God’s Will for you, perfect happiness. Peter is going to sing it for you - imagine a little hip hop action, a little hip, a little rap, a little bebop. He could do the hip action too, so you can remember how it goes.

(A beautiful song of praise follows from the gatherers at the event.)

That’s the goal, to be happy. How do we forget that the only goal in life is to be perfectly happy? Sometimes when we’re growing up people will say things like, “Well, the airplane went down and God’s Will was for that plane to go down.” And as we’re children we think, “That’s nasty.” But to know God’s Will to be perfect happiness we realize we need to forgive. We need to open our mind to that perfect remembrance of God’s eternal, eternal love. That is what this is all about.

The topic for today is the one I talked about the other day, which is Accepting the Atonement for Yourself. In fact in A Course in Miracles, Jesus says it two different times in two different ways, that the sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself. The sole responsibility of the teacher of God is to accept the Atonement for himself. When you think about that it means that out of everything that you possibly could conceive of being your goal and your purpose, Jesus makes it really straight when he says “sole responsibility.” he means only. And when Jesus says only He certainly doesn’t mean one among many. That is what we’re going to talk about today.

What a great session this morning with Gary Renard. I have to say it was a beautiful launch into this time we’re going to have together today. What you heard this morning was beautiful metaphysics from ACIM, that really are clear. And as Gary says, the metaphysics themselves aren’t that important. Whether or not you can spout the metaphysics and be eloquent, that isn’t really that important. But to have a grasp of them is really important for the practical application of them. Because if you don’t have the metaphysics clear, then even if you are applying them correctly, if you’re applying a misunderstanding, then you just get more confusion. That’s not what this Course is about. I just want to thank Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Gary Renard for that great presentation this morning. Not only clear metaphysics of A Course in Miracles but also lots of humor and examples. When you put the combination of all those together, you just have to be very grateful, because it saves times. That presentation is one that collapsed a lot of time for the whole universe. It was so clear, crystal clear.

Sometimes people ask me about feeling anxious and afraid in their mind and when they are feeling off and don’t know where they are off, or just feel like dark clouds rolled in and don’t know where they came from. They were having a happy day and all of the sudden clouds just rolled in and the happy day went out the window. But, as the Course teaches, I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and I decide the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for and receive as I have asked. That’s pretty tight, airtight. That is breaking away from victimization. It is really a tight picture that Jesus is painting, which is good. You want to get to a point where you can claim Christ control of your mind instead of ego control. You reclaim your inheritance, and that means to think with Christ and to think with God.

I would say that if you had to boil all the seeming errors that students make down into just two categories to try and simplify things, the first category would be metaphysical errors where people read the Course and work with the Course, sometimes even for many years, but because of the ego resistance they really don’t want to understand what Jesus is really teaching. Because if you begin to open up to what He is teaching, the ego is out of business. So of course the mind that is feeding off of and identifying with the ego is going to try and do everything it can not to wake up. Some of you have had the experience when you read the Course and you read a line and say, “What was that? What did I just read?” Eyeballs move over the words but the ego is saying “No way. You’re not going to get that one today. No, No, No. You’re not going to do that.”

That’s why it is so important to be clear of the metaphysics that Gary was talking about today. It seems like you are here. You’re really at home in Heaven but you are dreaming of exile. And the dream seems very real. Like the analogy he used, where the child is told by the parent, ‘It is okay, you made this up, and you forgot that you made it up.’ Those metaphysics are just important starting points. I would continue on by saying that the second category that A Course in Miracles students fall into that gives one the most difficulty is transfer of training errors. That is where you are working with the Workbook and you are practicing with the lessons and the ego wants to make exceptions to whatever it is.

Okay, you’re doing lesson 48, “There is nothing to fear.” Then you think, “I’ve got that mortgage payment due on Friday, how much money is in my bank account, uh oh, how much money is in my bank account?” You start to realize that you do have fears coming up, you have to look at what they are, and that is where the metaphysics can help you out.

When I would work with people, I would just say, when you get in a real bind, whenever you start to feel afraid or jealous or angry or envious, or just raging, it is good to have some of those workbook lessons in mind to help pop you out of it.

I call it 5, 6, 7 and 8.

5 I am never upset for the reason I think.

6 I’m upset because I see something that is not there.

7 I see only the past.

8 My mind is preoccupied with pas t thoughts.

When you put those together in kind of a cause and effect kind of relationship, you say, “Oh, I’m upset because my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts. I’m living in the past and still rehashing this instant of terror, this unholy instant when the separation seemed to occur.” I’m just replaying it here and the ego is projecting out a nice scenario so I can point the finger and go, “Oh, I’m upset because it is too cold in my house, the furnace went off, or I’m so upset because I just got fired, or I’m just upset because somebody cut me off on the highway or my wife told me she was leaving me.”

Those kinds of things seem very real in this world. But that is why we need 5, 6, 7 and 8 over and over to release the mind from this false cause and effect relationship, as if the world is doing it to you and you are at the world’s mercy. It seems as if you are at the mercy of the dream and you’re not.

Now let us use this time to work on transfer of training because that is the second major area. You start doing the Course and Jesus says, okay, we’ll start off with lesson 1, “Nothing I see means anything“. Let your eyes move around the room and glance on all the familiar objects, this chair does not mean anything, this couch does not mean anything…” When people get to a certain point (maybe when they are looking around and they have pictures of mother and father, or pictures of son and daughter) they say, “Okay, we’ll skip over that one. Okay, this lamp does not mean anything…” That’s an exception. You just made an exception. Jesus says let your eyes move fairly evenly across the room and remember, whatever your eyes land on, it does not mean anything. He is using it as a practice to undo the specialness of thinking there are certain images in this world that are much more important than others.

People say: “I can forgive my roaches; I can forgive this chair, but my MOTHER? Do you know what she did to me and how many years, I can‘t forgive my mother.” But that is what we are talking about - the transfer of training.

There was a great story I heard years ago from Ken Wapnick. He went to visit these nuns. He went to this church and entered the sanctuary area and the nuns were all studying A Course in Miracles. They had invited him to come and talk to them about metaphysics. Basically they were practicing lesson 1, letting their eyes move across the sanctuary, “These pews do not mean anything, this stained glass window does not mean anything…” - and they got to the point where they came to the Eucharist. They said, “of course we’ll skip that.” We can’t say that about the body of Christ. But actually Jesus says that in the Course. Jesus says that I can’t share my body with you, I can share my mind. Jesus would actually say that seeing the meaninglessness of the body is a good practical application of His Course. Do it with the Eucharist too. But when you’ve been raised with a system that sees that body as sacred, it takes undoing of the belief that there is anything sacred in form. Your mind is sacred. Your Being-ness is sacred. Everything in form is part of the forgiveness lesson. You can see it that way.

Gary Renard touched on the mind this morning and I would like to focus on it today. The mind, in the full awareness of the Atonement, knows that the separation never happened. The full awareness of the Atonement is that the separation never happened. I have traveled more miles than you can even imagine. I’ve been doing it for 16 years and always hear the same questions, “How did the impossible occur? To whom did the impossible occur?” I call them the top questions. How did this happen in the first place? How could perfection, how could God, ever make a mistake? Or how could Christ, who is a perfect Being, ever make a mistake? And basically, it is a statement. When you ask the questions, “How did the impossible occur?” or “How did this happen in the first place?” there is an assumption underneath the questions. And what is that assumption? That it happened! Of course the ego likes that assumption. Then it can ask all kind of questions including how this happened.

It is like you are on a wild goose chase to find the right theology, the right teacher, the right technique, the right mantra. Oh my gosh, the guilt at trying to solve that question. But the very assumption is something we have to learn to release. There will be no theology that will come along to get you out of this. There isn’t going to be a concept. There will be an experience that will come that will end your doubting. In the Course that experience is the Atonement. The Atonement is full awareness that the separation never happened. In this respect, A Course in Miracles is a launching pad. You are on a launching pad where you are ready to take off in a rocket and get up in orbit where you have no sense of gravity. You are happy and free. A Course in Miracles is a book that is just designed to help you get up into orbit, into Being-ness, into your perfection.

One of the errors I’ll talk about today, one of the metaphysical errors, is spiritualizing matter. When you try to take anything in form and make it special or spiritual, this is the error. For example, you’ve heard, “Go to India and bathe in the Ganges , it is a sacred river.” Or you may have heard that the oil that Mary Magdalene put on Jesus’ feet is the sacred oil. How much does it cost now? I want some of that oil that was on Jesus’ feet. Or it seems to play out with food and drink. Drink from the sacred water. We know from Catholicism you get baptized with holy water - it isn’t just tap water, it has to be holy water. The water is supposed to be blessed by a priest to make it holy. These would all be spiritualizing matter errors, or trying to make something sacred in form when only your mind is sacred. The ego wants you to believe that there are certain things that are sacred in form so then you won’t forget them. You will cling to them, you will ritualize them. You will hang on, hang on, and hang on. That is an example of spiritualizing matter. That is one common mistake.

Another error results if you start to see anything in form or in the script as being causative, since images are really unreal effects of an unreal cause. The images of the world are unreal effects. And the unreal cause is the ego. The Course teaches that God didn’t create this world, God creates the eternal. God creates in Spirit. You know we are all familiar with the phrases in the Bible, “Hold no graven images before the Lord thy God.” I always thought about golden calves and stuff like that. Jesus is saying the image is of the cosmos, the graven images are like a veil drawn over the face of Christ to cover the Light.

I’ve had three experiences in my life where the three dimensionality just collapsed and all of a sudden this blazing of light just started streaming through, almost like a movie theater when the film burns and the light just pours through and everything goes into a flash of light.

Three times I’ve had these revelatory experiences, where I was like, “Wow, this is really flimsy. This is just a thin little veil; this is nothing solid at all.” And yet, when you believe in the ego, the mountains seem solid.

Jesus says, ‘you believe you stand on solid ground beneath’ …and from the ego’s perception of the body, the ground does seem to be solid. Unless you are talking about magicians, usually you don’t walk through walls without getting a bruise and thrown back.

That is what we are talking about in the sense that you have to be so thorough in realizing that your mind is causative. That the world is unreal images made from unreal cause. That is what the ego is. There is a real Cause. That Cause is God. God is the Creator. God is the prime Creator. God has Creative ability and Christ has Creative ability. That is why Christ is a co-Creator because Christ can Create in Spirit as well. But these creations are pure spirit. Christ is not an image maker; the ego is an image maker. That is the image that has to be released and forgiven.

That is why it is so important to be really clear on these things. The other point that is really important is that you start to realize that comparison must be an ego device, for love makes none. Every comparison that is ever made is made by ego. When you say to yourself, “How do I improve?” there is an “I” that you believe in, and an “ideal self” that you believe in. You are trying to go from one illusion, a limited self, to another version of a limited self. You have to watch very carefully with the metaphysics. For example, even the song that we used to open up the conference, “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative” actually metaphysically,…if Jesus were here, …. ‘Well, sing it with joy, but’ …. the positive and the negative are two sides of the same coin. That is why the power of positive thinking is unrecognized error without exposing and realizing that in this world both positive and negative are ego. Both the positive and the negative, for example compliments and criticisms, are both of the ego. One of them seems to puff the ego up and the other seems to rip the ego down. Remember, the ego isn’t real. So all this puffing and ripping down …is not doing much good for non-judgment. To reach a state of non-judgment is literally transcending the positive and the negative.

That is why when you are working with A Course in Miracles this is a radically different thought system than a lot of the things we’ve worked with. A lot of us have been trained to be positive, to stay on the positive side. But then when you start working with the Course you realize that you need to let go of the belief that you have the ability to judge, to break apart and sort good or bad. Gary was talking today about Genesis, that you can’t eat from the tree of good and evil. There it is, good is positive and evil is negative. What I am saying is that they are two sides of the same coin. That is why you can use discernment. As you use the mind training exercises, more and more you open up to this state of mind called forgiveness. Forgiveness does nothing. It looks, it waits, and it watches and does nothing. It is like an observer, where you just observe the thoughts without any kind of attachment. You just observe with complete detachment. So that is another important distinction to remember about this. When you are going through this mind training that is important.

Let’s start applying these things to things that people who work with the Course deal with every day. You are reading articles and you are looking at things and then you go to your ACIM group and go okay let’s read the prayer on page 72. And someone answers, “What version? The JCIM version, the Hugh Lynn Cayce version, the Urtext version, are we talking about the published version, the first edition of the published version or the second edition of the published version?” Okay, let’s try and simplify things here. We do not want to get into the ego’s traps with comparison here.

Do you remember what happened with Christianity? You have the Gospels and the Gospel of Thomas and you heard Gary talking about the other gospels, and then you get scholars that start comparing and contrasting the scriptures. Let’s compare the NIV version of the Bible with King James Version and now…look at the Course. You have to recognize that the ego is sitting back there like a little spider in the web laughing, going “Ha, ha, ha, ha. Got’em hooked again! Now there are versions of the Course!” You do not want to turn into scribes and the Pharisees. You know when Jesus came He talked a lot about the scribes and the Pharisees. He said to the scribes you are so focused on the letter of the law, that you are missing the Spirit of the law. Like Gary Renard was saying, Jesus was light, He was humorous, and He was clear and simple. He was not going to get caught up in the tactics of the Pharisees. That was 2000 years ago.

Now, here you are being trained as a Miracle worker and what do you do? You go to your Course group and you have different versions. Well, I believe this one, or that one is most accurate, or this one is more helpful for me. There are comparative studies that have been done on the Course versions, they are being compared and contrasted. What I say to you is, don’t lose sight of the goal. And that is forgiveness. Comparison is an ego device. Slice right through this ego distraction. It is the ego trying to prolong time. If the ego can get you confused and befuddled, it is happy. The ego is prolonging its seeming existence in your mind. We don’t want this. We want to shorten time.

I’ll give you a practical example. I went to Sweden to the first Scandinavian conference of A Course in Miracles. Students came from the four Scandinavian countries and I said that was I going to talk about some basic metaphysics. A man stood up and said he had studied all three versions of A Course in Miracles. In fact, he had them on a lap top. His wife said he peddled his bike and he took his laptop and read A Course In Miracles. The people he met thought he had map GPS, but he had all three versions of the Course and he peddled on his bike and didn’t seem to hit anybody. He wanted to spend about the first hour giving a discourse to everybody who there on comparing and contrasting the three versions of A Course in Miracles and everyone was thoroughly confused.

The point is, there are metaphysical differences, and there are words that were taken out of the Urtext by Jesus for a good reason. They were edited out. There are words that were taken out of the Hugh Lynn Cayce version for a reason by Jesus. They were taken out for a good reason. I’ll give you but one example because I will not get into this whole compare and contrast thing. One example from the Urtext, “God created time as a learning device.” Does anyone see a problem with the metaphysics of that statement?

Let’s just take the publisher’s version of A Course in Miracles and let’s use the metaphysics of the publisher’s version on that one statement from the Urtext. If forgiveness is learning to release the belief in time, and Jesus says in the Course you cannot forgive something that God created, Jesus says it is absolutely impossible to forgive something that God created. What God creates is real. You can’t forgive reality. You can only forgive illusions.

Continuing on from the statement from the Urtext that “God created time as a learning device,” if you believe that God created time then of course you may take the next step and say, “If God created time, then maybe God created space.” What’s the next step after that? God created the world! God created bodies! Then after that you say, “If God created all this, I don’t have to give it up. I might as well hang out here, I have God’s blessing. He created it in the first place. If He is mistaken, it is His problem! It’s not MY problem.” You see what we’re talking about? That is one of the most extreme examples of metaphysical errors in other versions of the Course. If you do work with other versions of the Course, be aware of the errors. Let the Holy Spirit be discerning for you so that you do not get distracted and get into these debates. Jesus says in the Teacher’s Manual that this Course is not controversial. But if you seek for controversy, you will find it.

The ego is very sneaky. It tries to make copyright controversies, controversies between A Course in Miracles teachers. It is always trying to come up with some kind of controversy. This is so that you will believe that the controversy is real and will lose your peace of mind. You will start taking sides. Boy, the ego loves it when you take sides and you do this as soon as you decide on this or that one, who is right and who is wrong in your opinions. The ACIM book designed to undo all opinions. Listen, and if suddenly you hear yourself saying or thinking, “In my humble opinion…” stop! There are no humble opinions! If you have ANY opinions there is no humility and no humbleness.

There is another thing about Atonement. Atonement is the awareness that the separation never happened. You can see that when you go into a state of miracle-mindedness, it is a state of non-judgment. You are simply seeing the false is false. You don’t have to deny what your body’s eyes seem to see. They are still reporting a world. You don’t have to go to sleep at night and as you wake up in the morning open your eyes and scream, “There is a world. I am a sinner!” It is not about that. Jesus says let’s practice with your body’s eyes, with what they seem to see. Do not get hyper or freaked out because of what you seem to perceive. We are going to work with your mind. Projection makes perception. We’re going to learn as you go deeper to release attack thoughts.

When you release these attack thoughts, there is nothing left to project. You don’t have the guilt left in your mind anymore and therefore you see the world differently. You see a forgiven world shown to you by the Holy Spirit. They always said that St. Francis saw the plants and the animals sometimes glow for him. Some of you might have seen the Celestine Prophesy with the glowing and glimmering lights. That is good, when you start to see glimmering lights, plants that are glowing and auras and halos. Don’t freak out. That means vision is coming! You are getting ready to see with the vision of Christ. The Course even says you will see light around familiar objects, so you should really be happy when that happens.

Another example of a common error is this idea of contradiction of terms. A lot of you know the more common ones like “military intelligence”. That is an interesting one and an obvious example of contradiction of terms. What does the military have to do with intelligence? True intelligence is living and thinking with God, experiencing with Jesus. Once you study A Course in Miracles, the ego is sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. It would have you combine certain words in the Course and hold on to these concepts. Then, you will spend the rest of your life trying to achieve and obtain these concepts.

Let’s practice with some very sneaky ones. We’ll start off with a real sneaky one: physical resurrection. We have to explore that a little bit. We all know the story of Jesus. There was seemingly a crucifixion. Jesus told them all what was going to happen, “the temple will be torn down and rebuilt in three days.” Jesus knew what was happening in the script, it wasn’t a surprise. He didn’t say, “How did they get me?” It was more like He said, “What thou doest, do quickly.” It was more like let’s leave a little skit here for humanity to teach innocence and love. Basically, there seemed to be a crucifixion where nails went through Jesus’ arms and legs and then there was a resurrection and there was a rolling away of the stone.

The most common use of the phrase of physical resurrection was describing an event that took place at that time. When the angels came and the stone was rolled away and there was Mary Magdalene saying “Ah, He is risen.” There is a scene in place and time and it was called in Biblical terms the “physical resurrection.” Well, I used in my earlier talk the story of the dove landing on the head of Jesus and the Voice from above saying “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” It is like the Voice for God speaking with a little bit of special effects from the dove. If you look at the story, after that point, Jesus started to say some interesting things: “I Am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me. Before Abraham was, I AM.” That was the Holy Spirit speaking, actually. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” That wasn’t a man saying, you have to believe in this man with long hair and blue eyes. That was the Universal Spirit saying “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” It is the same Spirit that all of us who listen hear.

I just give that metaphor because the resurrection is of the mind. When Jesus went in the river Jordon and got baptized, there was nothing that happened to His body except that it got wet. He was wet. When He came out, the Voice came out. And then He began speaking as the Christ, the Holy Son of God. If you look at the grammar of that, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” That’s not going to fit into the human grammar books. That is saying before the past was, is the present, is eternity. If you follow that teaching, He is saying the same thing said in the Course, that the present is before time was. He says it in A Course in Miracles, “The present is before time was.” It isn’t waiting at the end of time; it is waiting for you to release time in your mind. It is waiting for you to collapse it and release it. That is just a step too. What I am going to teach you right now is about the Atonement. In the Atonement, the resurrection doesn’t come before the crucifixion; the resurrection wipes out the crucifixion completely. It says there is no death.

So you don’t even have to stick with that story. But the reason I told that story is the temptation to look at scenes from the Bible as transfiguration scenes and think that the body was transfigured. But if the body is an illusion, the body is neutral; you can’t transfigure something that doesn’t exist. You can’t transfigure something that is neutral.

It is the mind that goes through the transformation. It is very important to remember that physical resurrection in the truest sense of the meaning of the word is an oxymoron. Resurrection is of the mind and has nothing to do with the physical. It transcends the physical. That is why we call it metaphysics. Meta is beyond the physical.

Here is another example.

Sometimes I am hearing things about the celestial speed up that are being spoken about in Course teachings. Celestial speed up? If you ask those who have really studied the Course they will say, “Time is an illusion and entirely neutral, how can you speed it up or slow it down?” If neutral means nothing, and time is an illusion, how can you have a fast illusion or a slow illusion? Aren’t fast and slow back to the world of duality? See how sneaky the ego is?

Sometimes I will hear people say, “We’re living in fast time now, it is all part of the celestial speed-up.” Well let’s go back to the term ‘celestial speed-up’. If you look at the term ‘celestial speed-up’ it is just at the beginning. Basically, before Helen started hearing the Voice of Jesus in her mind, she was really concerned with what was going on. She was having dreams and visions and basically the Voice came through and said there is a ‘celestial speed-up’ going on and people are being called from all over the world to take their part in the plan Atonement.

That was a very early thing that He told her. Why did Jesus even use that term ‘celestial speed-up’ in the first place? It was because she was so frightened about what was happening in her life. She was having visions, there was a Voice in her mind saying, “This is A Course in Miracles, please take notes.” She needed something that would give her a sense of purpose. ‘As if’ there is an evolution going on, a healing going on. But again, the deeper you go into A Course in Miracles you see that it is all determined. The point of Awakening is determined. All you can do to bring that Awakening into your awareness is desire it. You have to desire the truth, and then truth returns to your awareness.

You see how important this is? The ego says you have to DO lots of things to get salvation. You’ve heard of it in the Bible, “salvation through works”. Am I good enough? Did I do enough service, Jesus? Did I forgive enough people? When is enough, enough? You get to the point you start to realize you need to be able to release this idea of salvation through works and open to Grace. Open to willingness, the desire to have that experience come into your awareness. There is a line in A Course in Miracles that says, “Truth will be returned to your awareness by your desire as it was lost by your desire for something else.” You see how important desire is in the scheme of things?

Let’s look at a line about the Holy Instant. “You cannot prepare for the Holy Instant without placing it in the future.” That is a real interesting line. You cannot prepare for the Holy Instant without placing it in the future. But guess where the Holy Instant is? Think of all the spiritualities that advocate meditating so many hours a day, meditating in a certain posture, using a particular breath, using a particular mantra. They are all aimed at future enlightenment. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. There are millions of people doing all different kinds of rituals everyday and they have this unconscious thought in their mind that “this is going to get me there if I just do it well enough. How many hours a day do I have to meditate“? “Maybe if I get the right mantra. Or, I could go to India and look in the goddess’ eyes and she could give me Darshan. Or, if I could just touch that guru on the back at that holy mountain I could get the Shakti energy and have it transfer into my body and my body will have it.…” On and on and on

Let’s get back to the simple teachings of A Course in Miracles where we started. No spiritualizing matter. Like Gary was speaking about this morning. Every time you are upset, lesson 5... I am never upset for the reason I think, I am upset because I see something that is not there, I see only the past, but only because my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.” I need to release those past thoughts. In fact, that is lesson 23, if you make it that far. I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts. Is this simple? Jesus laid it out. We’re going for the fast track.

Another thing about Atonement, read the “I need do nothing” section. WOW. Where did Jesus stick this in the book? You’ve got 31 chapters, 365 lessons, then somewhere in the middle of the text He sticks in an “I need do nothing” section. That’s got my attention! I was reading that book eight hours a day and doing those lessons and I happened to pop the ACIM book open one morning and read, “I need do nothing.” What is this? Did ego throw this in here? This is going to throw off my rituals! Ego is trying to throw me off! Is this an ego distortion? Look closely. Jesus talks about meditation, He talks about contemplation, He talks about fighting against sin. And what does he call these things: meditation, contemplation and fighting against sin? This is coming from Jesus Christ in a Course in A Course in Miracles and He calls them “tedious and time-consuming.” What?! Oh my God. Don’t tell your traditional spiritual teacher that those are tedious and time consuming. What are we going to do, go for instant salvation here? What’s going on with this? I pop the book open and see the subsection, “The Immediacy of Salvation“. Oh, “this is great.” Be not content with future happiness, for it is not your just reward. For you have cause for freedom now.

That sounds kind of familiar. That Now business is starting to come in pretty strong. In a book that has 365 lessons Jesus is saying ‘Now. Now is the only time that there is.’ You can read it as it is sprinkled throughout the ACIM book. So you know that this is a pretty powerful tool. If you’ve got eyes to see and ears to hear, get ready. Expect to wake up. This is straight from the Master. The Master is speaking directly to your mind saying you can do this. In fact, it is inevitable. You can’t even mess this up. God’s will is guaranteed. Salvation is guaranteed by God and you can’t even mess it up.

So when I get to the I Need Do Nothing section, I said, “Well, if I am not supposed to meditate and contemplate and fight against giving into temptation, what am I supposed to be doing?” Jesus says, “Your way will be different.” Not in the goal, but in the means. Basically he is saying, ‘A Holy Relationship is given you as a means of salvation.’ It is given. You don’t expect it, it just comes along. It jumps out at you. I thought as always, we are here for transfer of training, we’re here for practice with situations, with issues, with difficulties that come up in awareness, and we want to make this as practical as we can to save time, so I thought I would open it up to the audience.


Question and Answer Session


Question: I’ve been on that section for a week. The very first paragraph says it is your one responsibility for just an instant….to realize that you are not a body. Would you say that has to do with the Holy Instant or just with forgiveness? Does this have to do with the Holy Instant or is this like in the Teacher’s manual where you don’t see your own self interests?

David: It is the Holy Instant. It is not in the future, so that is why you can’t prepare for it because it is not a future event. That is the Holy Instant. Think about some of the lines right near that section. Jesus says “In no single instant does the body exist at all. It is always remembered or anticipated.” Do you hear that, past and future? There is another line that says, “Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future.” Do you see the commonality between these teachings? This is why we are talking about Holy Relationship as a means of saving time. The next obvious question as you look at is, what is a Holy Relationship? You’ve got my attention, Jesus. He says, “You and your brother are together.” That is how He defines the Holy Relationship. It gets kind of simple. Just like when Jesus says, “The truth is true and only the truth is true.” “You and your brother are together.” What He is really saying is, we share the same mind. You and your brother are together is not talking about bodies. Minds are joined, bodies do not.

Jesus is talking about the singularity of mind. That is really what quantum physics is pointing at. Advaita Vedanta and all non-dualistic paths throughout history, including A Course In Miracles, are all about practicing letting go of time and opening to the Holy Instant. So that is very practical.

Now, let’s take one more look at some errors. Another thing I would say about errors is (some of you have heard Miguel Ruiz and the Four Agreements) one of the four agreements is not taking anything personally. That is what Gary was talking about this morning when he was going into subject-object. As long as you believe you are a human being and you are the subject and there is an objective world that is outside your mind, and quantum physics is showing that consciousness is not that way at all, then you will take things personally. Whether it is a mosquito that seems to bite you, or somebody cuts you off on the highway, or somebody frowns at you, if you see it through that ego lens of subjectivity, that is where you will take it personally. So, to accept Atonement is really to say, “I was mistaken about this whole subject-object thing. I was misperceiving. I was seeing the world through a distorted lens.” The body’s eyes do not see and the body‘s ears do not hear, but they are told by the mind what to see and by the mind what to hear. Just like the mind tells the body what to feel.

That’s pretty radical. When we are used to the experience that I have a sore back or I have a sore throat or I have a headache, it is literally described as if the body is feeling. People say “I can’t go to work because I have a headache.” In other words it is used as a justification. The false belief is: “My body is telling me how I am feeling and I have no alternative but to accept what it is telling me.” Sometimes people will even say listen to your body, your body is speaking to you. Well, literally, metaphysically, the mind tells the body what to feel. You will hear people say: “you are storing all your tension in your shoulders. All your thoughts and your memories are being stored in the body.” The body doesn’t store anything. The body is a projection. You have to come back to the thoughts. What thoughts am I clinging to? Am I clogging up the mind and blocking the light in my mind? These are all examples of transfer of training errors. These kinds of examples are important to note because they are tricks of the ego. The ego wants you to fall into these common traps.

Question: I’ve been studying metaphysics for many years and it seems to me that if a bunch of different metaphysical schools are telling me that something is happening around 2012 and the way I understand it so far is that maybe it is possible to have a physical universe that is not dualistic. I’d like to hear your take on that.

David: Thank you. Yes. A universe that is not dualistic is inevitable. Because a universe that is non-dualistic would have to be whole. Some people have referred to this as the big picture. Instead of this tunnel vision of subject object-split, there’s got to be a higher way of looking at the world with my Higher Power. Quantum physics calls it the observer. If you can get back far enough in the mind to be the observer you will see that everything is interconnected. That is beautiful. That is seeing One thing. If you can see the entire cosmos as interconnected that is beautiful. And that’s what Jesus is calling the forgiven world. The real world. True perception. He’s talking about a way of seeing like that. Now, as far as putting that in 2012, putting it off in the future, I have to go back to the metaphysics that Gary Renard was talking about this morning, when he was saying yes there are a lot of spiritualities that say if we pray, if we work on our consciousness, and if we purify our awareness, that we can change the future. Everybody remember what Gary said about that this morning? The future has already happened. It’s gone. It’s over. It’s done. If you remember what Gary said, he said, that’s why you can’t change it.

It’s like going to a movie and watching Gone with the Wind twenty-five times. And you are saying to Rhett Butler, “Don’t you tell her that.” We’re getting to that part of the movie again and you are mistreating her. “Don’t you. Don’t you tell her that.” He says, “Frankly my darling I don’t give a damn“, and you say, “Ohhhhhhh you did it again!” You say, “I’m going to watch it a 26 th time Rhett. I’m going to give you one more try!”

That’s basically what we’re talking about in trying to change the future. That’s a really deep thing because you could say the Course says if you forgive it promises “a future unlike the past.” That is one of those stepping stone metaphors. He gives you a lot of rungs on a ladder, like, here we’ll give you a carrot and here a piece of celery there – now just keep coming. But if you follow what Gary was teaching today, remember I said Gary was teaching it really straight, he was giving it to you very straight -that the future is already over.

Wouldn’t that explain why the psychics and Nostradamus could seem to predict the future with such accuracy? Oh, maybe they were just reading the Akashic records and they were allowed to read that. They were just reading the past. When we talk about prophecies and things like that and the psychic gifts that Gary was talking about this morning, it is important to keep it all in the overall context of the metaphysics of time. Then you say I want to complete my forgiveness lesson and come back and live in the present moment. And I’ll let 2012 go now.  

Question: I know ACIM talks about the script is already written. Does that mean that all my thoughts are scripted as well? Like when I choose forgiveness as opposed to listening to my ego, is that something that is outside of my control as well? If I choose ….I got distracted again and I get angry, and I forgive that and I release it, was that going to happen anyway?

David: Very good. That was good. We’re going to be Enlightened when we walk out the door today. “The script is written,” a phrase Jesus said in the workbook. The script is written. A lot of time teachers will get into “well, it’s the Holy Spirit’s script, it’s the ego’s script, got to watch with the right one”…The script is written…basically the key word in that statement is the last word. Written. Past tense. The script is past. The script is over. It is kind of like watching Gone with the Wind. It is NOT an interactive thing. You can tell Rhett not to say that line, but it keeps playing. It is in the script.

But also I would say that the value of that is the Course is leading you to what Jesus calls a “purified form” or a “purified version” of the past which is the forgiven world. This is when you take all the meaning that was given to the world… “I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me.” “I do not know what anything is for,” and when you let go of all this meaning of that the ego has written upon the world. For a moment it is blank, and then the Holy Spirit comes in and goes, “Ahhhhh forgiveness. Here let’s bless it. Now you are a Friend to the world.” He says that at one point in ACIM. He says “You are a friend to the world” in the Workbook. So that must be a whole different way of looking at the world.

When you start to get into difficulty is when you try to analyze “the script is written“. That can be a real mind bender. Think of it this way, time is simultaneous and it is not linear. The problem with getting into analyzing “the script is written” is that the script in a play or in a movie, is a story. It is a very linear story. Every time I would have students come to me and get all wound up about “the script is written” and say, “Can I rewrite the script? I saw the movie The Secret, can I manifest? Do I have the power to change the script?” it would seem very confusing for them. The clarity is that you have to forgive the past. You have to let it go. What that means is that you have to realize that time is simultaneous when you forgive.

Time is not like a string of spaghetti. Let’s look at the string of spaghetti. Past, present, future, it looks very linear. What happens if you turn the spaghetti on its side and look right down the edge of it? What does it turn in to? A point! A point instead of a line!

When I would work with students and they would get all caught up into trying to figure out “the script is written,” with questions such as ‘Is my future Enlightenment in the script? What does that look like?’ I would say, “Are you a point or are you a line?” Let’s use the real simple terminology. Point is forgiveness, point is simultaneous. Some of you might have read the Seth material through Jane Roberts. Here is a metaphysical teacher that says the same thing: that time is simultaneous, it is not linear. That takes the ‘script’ metaphor and explains it. Jesus in ACIM at one point talks about time as a carpet that rolls up - you’ll remember that from the Course. But that is just a linear metaphor, and again, this is just a rung on the ladder. You get to a point where you release trying to figure those out.

It would be like having a ladder reaching up to Heaven and you get on the seventh rung and say, “Let’s hold a seminar.” We’ll pick the best scholars and we’ll analyze rung number seven.” And Jesus is at the top calling, “Come on, keep climbing, push up, and don’t stay there.” Don’t camp out on the rungs. No camping on the rungs. You remember the little sign, “No Camping Here?” Just remember to push off. Reach higher and higher. Because when you get to the top of the ladder, the ladder disappears.

It’s not like when you get back to Heaven, you sit around like a 12-step program in your little group and tell your war stories. “Oh, remember those lifetimes three million years ago where you killed me and then I killed you back, and then next you killed me.” You don’t have war stories in abstract love. It is just Divine love, everything is love. The ladder is going to disappear. But you do have to follow the Course. You just have to allow yourself to keep opening, opening and following those symbols that Jesus teaches you. And they will jump out of the page. You know how you look at the Course and you’ve been reading it for 10 years and you look at a sentence and it just goes “Wham!” and it leaps off the page because your mind is ready for that experience, that insight, at that moment. That is why Course students are funny because they read the paragraph and they get into these big intellectual debates and discussions about what the paragraph means, and finally after 20 minutes they read the next paragraph and say, “Oh.”

Now that is the human condition. …always got to figure things out. Figure it out!

Question: I guess I am right where I’m supposed to be. I had an occurrence. I am glad you mentioned the Four Agreements. I was told by someone that is from a Course in Miracles study group that I need do nothing. And what that set up is that I find myself getting agitated when I think I’m in control as far as my work is concerned and other people. She said there is no need for me to get agitated. It is like that discussion yesterday with Terri about the sword and judging them if they are not doing what I think they should be doing as fast as they should be doing it.

A situation that just happened before I walked in [here] and there are probably no mistakes and I should not take it personally. I was at Endeavor for a month and I saw these people and I was in love. And they are here. There are like forty of them. And it was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m not trying to sell people into going there, I’m just telling you. I haven’t seen them since I left, which is Christmas. They are all here and they all love me. I’ve been here for 28 hours with them. They were going off for coffee, two of them, and this one lady was so happy to see me. She wanted me to go along for coffee. And the lady that I spent hugging yesterday, the one who told me I need do nothing, she didn’t want me to go for coffee. All these people that are so metaphysical and spiritual, I’m not trying to have a resentment, I’m not trying to have a sword, not trying to have a judgment, but I’m asking how can you be so loving…because it is the body? One of them wants me to come, the other one doesn’t. But they are both saying the same thing. That I need do nothing, and it is all in my mind and not to judge. What is that about? They live together in the same place, 24-7, 365 days a year. They may never see me again. I didn’t know how to interpret that and I didn’t want to take it personally. It is about not feeling included. That’s what I want to talk about, is it just a body thing or is my mind filled with errors?

David: Thank you. Practical application. Thank you. What it comes down to is the power of sight, the power of interpretation is always our own. It is back to that quote I was sharing: “I am responsible for what I see.” I choose what I see. I’m unaffected, not an effect of images. What you start to realize is that the question is really getting clear of what your purpose is and what are you called to? Jeffrey ( Lake ) and I talk on and on and on about following your prompts. It comes down to the Holy Spirit prompting me to go to that coffee shop or not. It comes down to the simplicity of that, but the ego tries to make it much more complicated. The ego tries to analyze the motives of others, this one and that one… Jesus actually says in the text, “Analyzing the motives of others is dangerous.” Because you can’t do it without involving the ego. And you are trying to let go of the ego. So you don’t want to invoke or activate the ego, you want to release it. I would recommend reading from the Workbook lesson 133, “I will not value what is valueless”. There is a part where Jesus says, “Every decision you make brings you everything or nothing.” He is not talking about whether to go to the coffee shop or not. He is talking about purpose. He is talking about the real alternative. When you can see the alternatives exactly for what they really are, it is a simple choice. We have to expose the ego. The ego wants to make guilt attractive so you’ll be lured into temptation. Purpose is what the purification is about.

Question: I was told that it was a manipulation. I chose not to go to coffee with them, I wanted to go but I wanted to hear you. So Holy Spirit had me come here. I didn’t like hearing it was a manipulation, so hearing what you don’t want to hear on the other side - where did that come from?

David: Remember that if someone speaks a word to you, the power of interpretation comes back to your own mind. People can tell you everything, and people usually do tell us everything. We hear everything. For example: “You’re wasting you time and this and that….” But then the power of interpretation is your own. You always have that power to join the Holy Spirit.

We are doing practical application, what we are going to do right now expresses living in Divine providence. I love to give. I enjoy giving, giving, giving. I was told by Jesus 16 years ago, “Freely you have received, now freely give.“ You will give the joy of God away; make a joyful noise to God. We have a bunch of CDs & MP3s. We are wrapping up our visit and it is our great joy to give these to you. You may take one home and stick it in the CD player and it may help give you an answer to something, or you get a DVD and see something that helps you out - so just intuitively choose.

I just want to say I am very honored to have been invited to this conference. I am honored that we have Jesus and Holy Spirit guiding us so surely toward an inevitable Atonement, inevitable Awakening.

Please feel free to take a gift from us. We love you! Thank you so much for coming.

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