The Disappearance of the Universe (pages 84-86)

(Quotes used with permission of David's friend, Gary Renard)

ďIt would be helpful for you to understand that Jesusí reality is not the same as the worldís reality. He is not here in the illusion. Just like when you wake up in your bed from a dream, you are no longer in the dream. At times you may have experienced the dream as being real, but it wasnít. You may long to bring Jesus into your dream with you, but he has a better idea. He wants you to wake up so you can be with him. He wants you to be free - outside the dream completely. Outside Platoís cave. Outside all limits and beyond all boundaries.

You have often thought you had to try harder to be a more loving person, so you could exemplify the love of Jesus. Thatís not true. If you really want to be perfect Love like him and God, then what you need to do is learn how to remove, with the Holy Spiritís help, the barriers that you have placed in between yourself and God. Then you will naturally and inevitably become aware of what you really are.

Your admirable determination to remove conflict from your life has put you in a state of mind where you are ready to move into the fast lane. State-of-the-art spirituality is yours for the asking - as long as you continue to be willing to learn it. The teachings of Jesus we will be sharing with you are not for everyone - at least for everyone all at once in a linear illusion. But they are for you. You will know this by your own recognition. If you donít recognize it, then feel free to tell us anytime and we will stop visiting you. We are not bringing you orders from God. You may not want to believe this yet, but God does not make demands of people. You think it is Godís Will that is being acted out here, but you and the world are wrong about that. It is something else that is being constantly acted out here - namely your seeming separation from God. We want to help you return to your reality with Him.

The seeming interaction between you and God is really an interaction within your own unconscious split mind - between the part of you that has forgotten your reality and the part of your mind where the Holy Spirit dwells. He has never left you. His Voice, which you will learn how to be vigilant for, is your memory of God - your memory of your true home. This Voice represents your long-forgotten reality. Now you must learn how to choose, like the prisoners in Platoís cave, something that you will have tremendous resistance to choosing. You must learn how to choose between the Holy Spirit, Who represents the real you, and the part of your mind that represents the false you. And you will learn how to do it in such a way that your long-imprisoned unconscious mind can finally be freed. It is literally impossible for you to do this on your own. You are certainly welcome to try. If you will let yourself be helped, then much time can be saved for you.

Then like us, you will be one with the Jesus underground. You will seldom think of it that way, but it will be your real job. Anything else you do to get by in the world will just be a cover job. Your real job from now on is to learn, practice and eventually apply very skillfully the same art of advanced forgiveness that Jesus did. Thatís how you will be brought by the Holy Spirit back to the Kingdom of God.Ē


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